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Become you to must stay when the torment that faucet drop water bears in the home, you can comfort yourself so, be opposite at least for certain person, it is useful.

Tick, tick, tick. . . . . . The drippy mode of the drip on faucet makes a person be forecasted hard. If you ever were hearing the voice that conduit drop leaks and flounder difficult Mian, you can experience this kind of fulsome feeling certainly. You are being calculated in brains the rule with the drippy drip on faucet, and it is making fun of you however with this. In the past, the jail of some countries ever on the forehead that frozen drip ground of dripping water freezes of one dripping water freezes hits in convict, with will serve as the method that extort a confession, the torment that makes because of that meeting convict is concerned about, some convict are this be off one's head even.

Same, this kind of unpredictable sex also has been tormented try to hint dripping water freezes of the drip on faucet falls regular scientist, this is the problem of a long-standing. Nowadays, eventually a scientist can lead us to walk out of this labyrinthian. 2000, the United States Yindianna the Aosiman of university of state general Nuo. Professor Ba Salang revealed the secret that drip moves without foreword. He hopes his research can get applied extensively as a result. Include compose to build better ink jet printer, and even make product of brand-new science and technology.

See not hard, the formation in drip in the process, at the beginning, the liquid is in in faucet spout protuberant, expand, become pear entity gradually, next, the speed that bottom liquid collects afresh with liquid of prep above upside begins whereabouts, accordingly, in pear form the upper part of drip can produce a neck, be pulled after neck attenuate, drip straining. But why the drip on faucet drips one drop sometimes whereabouts, nowadays drops. But why on faucet fall below a dripping water freezes sometimes, can you produce brooklet again sometimes? Is a drip follow-up to its is the influence of drip how? Is a drip follow-up to its is the influence of drip how?

Physicist knows, the factor that affects liquid movement has the factor such as gravitational, pressure, sticky force and exterior tension. Describe afore-mentioned accept dimension of these force - equation is in Situokesi to arose 1827, but the solution that this equation has a variety of possibilities, which solution is just correct?

1994, the gold of Chicago university. Aigesi discovers, after drip falls, can have a filament resilient gathering -- in drop drip. This makes he got inspire, the current that comes from faucet resembles bedspring, it can produce drip in any places that are cut off. So, aigesi accept dimension -- this hold form of bedspring of melt into of Ke Sifang Cheng Jian in the palm, seek a solution more easily so.

But bedspring theory of Aigesi is a little coarse, ba Salang expresses, drippy current is system of a kind of bedspring actually, if cannot understand cashier dimension accurately - Situokesi equation, seek the exact value that gives this bedspring system very hard. When you try to forecast a chain of droplet how to move, although very small error also is crucial, because they can be accumulated one drop,rise.
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