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What is ice?

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The water in nature, have gaseous, solid state and liquid state 3 kinds of condition. Of liquid state we say for water, gaseous water makes steam, the water of solid state calls ice.

Water is a kind of special liquid. It is when 4 ℃ density is the biggest. Temperature is in 4 ℃ above, liquid state water abides by general heat to bilge cold shrink the rule. 4 ℃ are the following, in the condensation member that line form distributings is being shown in original water, appear a kind of conclude is like ice like ice crystal structure joins a member, call " holiday " of ice crystal body. Because glacial density is smaller than water, "Body of false ice crystal " exist, reduced the density of water, this is why water is when 4 ℃ density is the biggest, want reduced secret again under 4 ℃ density.

So far, can have made the crystal that gives 8 kinds of ice in the lab. But only natural ice can be in natural a next existence, other is high-pressured ice, exist not easily in nature.

The conclude of element of the water in natural ice closes is to press the regulation that 6 brilliant fasten to arrange rise. Alleged crystallization grid, the simplest case is the brick of load one's writing with fancy phrases of close together ground, if be in the center of these brick to be in the acting atom that assumes with, got check of a crystallization. Glacial crystal lattice takes the 3 prism of an awl for, the oxygen atom on 6 horn is photograph adjacent respectively place of 6 brilliant afterbirth is mutual. Atom of the oxygen on 3 arris is place of 3 Xiang Linjing afterbirth to share each, atom of oxygen of 2 axes top is place of 2 brilliant afterbirth to share each, only atom of an oxygen central is place of this brilliant afterbirth particular.

(pick from " Chinese popular science reads extensively " website)

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