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Water -- of life pronominal

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The is life pronoun that water basically can weigh, it is all biologic main component. On the earth because have water, especially liquid state water, just be able to evolution gives today's life. A weight has 40 much premium inside 70 kilograms human body, and because water is formed,the 85 % of the person's blood are. Water such important, influence property decision by its special reason.

Super dissolvability

A lot of material Dou Rong at water, the deliquescent limits of water should be more than other material far. Inside organism, material has dissolve only at water later, ability carries each cells.

The appeal between water element

Water element distributings as a result of the electron inhomogenous, very big attraction exists between them. As a result of ability of this kind of appeal water along soil between aperture, reach floral root ministry, arrive at leaf along the tracheal system inside frond, send out finally in atmosphere.

The condition of water

As a result of the sun heat, the gas that water becomes, final condensation becomes pluvial snow to fall a ground, the reapportion solar energy with the significant change of this kind condition of water.

Special hot property

Water is the material with the biggest specific heat on the earth, it warms up slow, drop in temperature slow also, form sharp contrast with terrestrial soil and rock, as a result of this kind of contrast, just produce wind, generation air flows.

Special density

Water also is exclusive caky when bulgy material, and other material is caky systole. Water is in centigrade 4 degrees of density are achieved the biggest, so water forms ice float is on surface. This kind protects the life in animal of life underwater other by the character that goes up to freeze downward.

Oxygen and nutrition

Content of the oxygen in the water with low temperature is low, temperature contains a lot ofnutrition however in high water, making the room that collect in Leng Aishui so also is the place with biology sort and more amount.

The consumptive pattern of water

The water that there are 97 % on the earth is salt water, and in the fresh water of 3 % 3/4 distributing again however in the earth polar, and this bits of fresh water that remain also distributings however extremely uneven. The population of the 5 % that have the earth in middle east and North Africa area for example has the whole world to be able to use the 1 % of fresh water resource only however. Be like our country relative to the area of plentiful in quantity of a few water too lake area, because the reason such as pollution is usable also,water quantity also is not particularly rich.

Average person uses water situation how? Be in the United States according to statistic, a person uses 455 premium one day, among them 85 % (322 litres) use water for the family, among them the majority is used strong lavatory. Actually if will industrial water and civil level all arrive each person, need water everyday each 1900 litres. It is in order to eat Mcdonald's exemple, want one bad drink, a hamburger and a packet of potato change for cost with 5700 premium. Include to cultivate potato to irrigate to wait for an useful water with water with water and treatment process for instance in these numbers of course.
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