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The concept of water system pollution

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Water system is to point to the accumulation of the water such as river, laky, pond, reservoir, fenny, ocean and groundwater body. Learn in the environment in, water system includes water itself not only, material of the suspension content in still including water, solution substance, colloid, base is quality (mud) wait with aquatic biology. Should regard it complete ecosystem or whole integrated and natural system. Water system differs by its type can divide into terrestrial water system and marine water system and surface water body and groundwater body to wait.

Because the specific heat of water, evaporate is calorific big, freezing and fusible heat is big also, make the temperature change below water environment little consequently. Water is when 4C density is the biggest, do not freeze below marine, river so, the convection of facilitating water, make the nurture in water and gas are able to flow. The dissolvability of water is good, the conveyancer of material of nutrition of the biology in thing water and carrier. The flotage of water is big, make a lot of animals that lack hard skeleton to make stand live Yu Shuizhong. Below the drive of sun radiate and earthly gravitation, water changes a loop through gaseous, liquid state, solid state, make can undertake energy and material are exchanged between big balloon, biosphere and hydrosphere, formed rich and changeful environment thereby, and the harmonious mechanism of biology and environment.

But, human activity makes a large number of pollutant emit into water system. These pollutant make the physics of water system, chemistry or biology community composition produce change, reduced the use value of water system thereby, this kind of phenomenon calls water system pollution. As a result of industrialization arisen with development, the mankind is added increasingly in the activity in biosphere drama, the phenomenon that water system pollutes is serious with each passing day also. Accordingly, produced event of a lot of social effects of pollution, because water system pollutes contaminative harm,rich hill incident is. The serious consequence that water system pollutes depends on endangering the mankind not only healthy, also cause a harm to production of industry and agriculture at the same time.

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