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Urbanite cannot leave tap water everyday. Because tap water is too convenient, bibcock of to turn on " self-invited " ; Because the knowledge to it is real before consumer too little, very difficult self-taught, then, will begin on March 10, end of every months of the first ten days of a month will publish Chongqing evening paper regularly Chongqing city authoritative department offers " circumstance of water quality of urban water supply sees brief report " (the following abbreviation " monthly magazine " ) .

By the country " sanitation of life drinking water is normative " selective examination detect this one " monthly magazine " , place row detects 7 times kinds project fraction is large: Bacteriological index, sense organ index, involve a lot of and professional term, although average citizen looked also in the mist in cloud of hard to avoid. For this, li Huawei of deputy stationmaster of the station of Chongqing city water quality that monitor is designed a few days ago one by one makes understanding commentate --

More than chloric common view is the chloric content in water. At present town resides civil tap water, it is to adopt those who add chloric means disinfection mostly. GB regulation, tap water must keep certain contain chloric amount, such ability at any time antiseptic disinfection, bacterium of keep within limits or microbial cause. Accordingly, the more than chloric content in tap water cannot under a certain value.

People knows bacterial number a common sense, "Entrance " thing bacterium has been jumped over lesser. Tap water is not exceptional also, GB regulation, index of the bacterium colony in every milliliter water (CFU) must be in 100 less than, otherwise, this water is not sordid, wholesome.

Total coliform group a branch that this fellow belongs to a bacterium, cause disease of alvine path respect extremely easily. If tap water of its consist in is medium, consequence cans be imagined, because this country lists it alone,need as check index, and requirement " do not get check to go out " .

Mucky coliform group this also is a bacterium familial a medium kind, because have a harm to the person also " do not get check to go out " . Through detecting to it, can judge tap water to whether get immediately the pollution of person cultivate excrement and urine.

Turbidity just as its name implies, point to the cloudy degree of water, the country set a special index. Theoretic tell, through making the tap water after water craft, the index is smaller, show water jumps over clear quality to had been jumped over; If the index is higher, cloudier place gets demonstrative water pollution is bigger.

Chroma expert says, telling water strictly should be achromatic, normal tap water is taken slightly Brown. If the cyanine of bare orange olivine of nature is violet any monochromatic and jumbly in tap water, this water calls the contamination of waste enamel that take ″ ″ , abnormal.
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