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"World water day " and " Chinese water week " antecedents

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On January 18, 1993, the 47th the United Nations General Assembly makes resolution, affirmatory and annual will be " of eye of " world water on March 22. The main content of resolution is as follows:

Environment of congress reviewing U.N. and development congress pass < 21 centuries agenda > the supply that although all societies and economic activity rely on fresh water greatly,the concerned clause; of the 18th chapter considers and quality, but people realises water natural resources develops the action; that to raising economic productivity, improvement social welfare place removes to still consider as population growth and economy grow not generally, a lot of countries will be immersed in the hot water that lacks water very quickly, economic progress will be restricted; to consider the protection that prompts water and durative management need a place further the public consciousness between interval of one class of one class, whole nation, ground, international.

1. basis < 21 centuries agenda > the proposal that place of the 18th chapter offers, begin from 1993, affirmatory and annual will be " of day of " world water on March 22.

2. asks the national condition with each country respective basis, with respect to water natural resources in this day protection and development are mixed carry out < 21 centuries agenda > the proposal that offers, develop a few specific activities, if publish, send out propaganda paterial, hold the conference, round table, seminar, exhibition to wait, in order to raise public consciousness.

3. asks secretary-general to be used up with respect to the the United Nations Secretariat at present conditional likelihood, and below the situation that affecting active activity, in any way and methodological help each country organize activity of " of day of " world water, to table a proposal, concentration is in to protect concerned specific topic with water natural resources, make necessary deploy, assure mobile success.

4. proposal can expand committee continuously when executing its mission carry out < 21 centuries agenda > the 18th Zhang Fang is in first place.

1988 < law of water of People's Republic of China > after promulgating, irrigation works ministry decides namely annual will be " of week of " China water to 7 days on July 1, the major idea that considers " of week of water of China of " of day of " world water and " and content are basic and identical, reason begins from 1994, the time instead " of week of " China water is annual will come 28 days on March 22, the coincide of time, make propaganda more outstanding the theme of " of day of " world water.

Come from 1996, "World water day " , " Chinese water week " the theme is ordinal for:

Week of water of China of world water day

The urban water supply that was thirst 1996 treats water, science to run water of section of water, aggrandizement lawfully

1997 the shortage water of water and development
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