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Completely the basic knowledge of water

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Natural fountainhead, include ground water and groundwater, contain all sorts of different impurity. The form that by its grain size reachs existence can divide this impurity that contains in fountainhead to be mixed for suspension material, colloid material solution substance 3 kinds. , the impurity in water still can be divided mix for mineral, organic matter microbial 3 kinds.

The main feature of suspension content is suspension position is assumed in using water, the condition in dead water is light person the rise, person that weigh sinks. If the owner of inorganic in suspension in ground water is silt, big grain clay or mineral waste residue, the proportion of these impurity is larger, sink easily. Be like greatly in content of organic in suspension aquatic, small like certain plankton (like alga, bacterium or protozoan) debris of breed and death, also have the organic thing in coming from sewage. The suspension other people with the older grain such as aquatic is easy purify, and grain is lesser criterion hard purify.

The colloid impurity cent in natural water is inorganic colloid (siliceous colloid, clay colloid) with organic colloid (all sorts of protein and humus) two kinds big. The feature of colloid impurity is relative in water stability, quiet place a long time also won't precipitate naturally.

The solution substance in natural water has: With molecularity condition consist in in water basically is oxygen (O2) , carbon dioxide (CO2) . With ionic condition consist in in water basically be inorganic salt kind the result of deliquescent Yu Shuizhong, wait like root of calcic, magnesian, iron, carbonic acid, vitriolic root, chloric root. Deliquescent impurity uses any mechanical methods or agglomeration method purify impossibly, they stabilize the ground, even ground to be dispersedly in water.

Because the water quality of natural fountainhead and user are right,the requirement of water quality is existing the contradiction of different level and difference, so we must purify a technology through advanced water quality, use feasible scientific water treatment method, the natural water that makes contain a variety of impurity so turns into to be able to satisfy the life or produce the water of the requirement.

Introduce a few commonly used water supply processing techniques simply below:

1. Clear:

The clear processing object of water basically is content of float of raw water horizontally pivoted hung and colloid material, reduce the turbidity that these material form in raw water. The technological process of specific processing can divide again for: Coagulation, precipitation and filter.

1. 1 coagulation

Devoted in raw water drug (clean water agent) , the mixture that makes drug and raw water course sufficient and reaction (namely coagulation process undertakes in reaction pool) , the big grain garrulous that medium suspension content and colloid impurity form such water to precipitate easily coagulates body, common says " vitriol is beautiful " .

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