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Why to say water is not to take caloric nutriment?

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If want to reply " water has nutrition " problem, should figure out first " nutrition " and " nutriment " the relation between. The mankind is mixed to live the life, maintain life and health, assure to grow ability of development and study, job, must eat various food everyday, contain in food can be digested by human body, absorb, have the nutriment of physiology function. These nutriment have 6 kinds big, namely protein, adipose, carbohydrate, mineral, vitamin and water. Connecting ordinary people to always ignore water also is a kind of nutriment, in fact, water can say is a kind of the heaviest nutriment.

Above all, the nutriment in OK and deliquescent food mixes water all sorts of metabolization content inside body, it is the carrier of all material and the place that have metabolization, also undertake all sorts of biochemistry react.

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