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1000 appearance 100 condition snowflake

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For hexagonal to snowflake, because its surface curvature differs (have convex, plane and concave side) , each saturated lunt pressure that go up is different also, because this arose mutual the lunt density gradient between, make lunt produces directional move. The way that lunt changes is concave side of convex → planar → , namely from the surface with big curvature, the face with tend little curvature. Hexagonal snowflake the curvature on 6 edges and corners is the biggest, the planar take second place of edge arris part, midsection curvature is the smallest. Such, make hexagonal snowflake lies all the time directional lunt is migratory in the process. Because edges and corners sails upstream,steam is reached to Bian Leng in the center of carry, the lunt saturation rate near edges and corners falls, produce sublimate phenomenon consequently. Because midsection gains the steam with constant in a steady stream and reach saturation glacial a face, produce sublimate effect. The process with this kind of crystal sublimate undertakes ceaselessly, hexagonal snowflake evolves to be snow crystals of 6 prism shape gradually.

This is to assume exterior the ideal state that does not carry lunt. In fact, thing and surroundings are maintaining close connection, there always is lunt more or less in air. If all round air loses person steam less, arrive less the edges and corners of insufficient snowflake to the central amount that carries lunt, so the development process proceed of snow crystals of shape of snowflake Xiang Zhu. In temperature the Gao Wei with very low very few lunt is mixed polar area, often descend because of this reason columnar Xue Jing.

When rate of saturation of the lunt in air is higher, appear additionally one kind of circumstance. At this moment all round air carries lunt to snowflake ceaselessly, make snowflake apace produces sublimate effect. Sublimate reduced the air layer is medium lunt density all round snowflake, promote again conversely outer lunt is carried to interior. Such, snowflake grows immediately rise. When lunt is carried to snowflake quickly, be the first to be affected of 6 vertex angle, lunt density gradient is the biggest. The lunt that has not enough time to be carried to snowflake interior, crystallize in the sublimate on vertex angle; At this moment, a few prominence and branch can appear on vertex angle. These branch fork increase fixed rate, meet again bifurcate. Sub bifurcate and Mu Zhijun hold the point of view of 60, such, formed snowflake of starlike of a 6 horn.

In high mountain or polar sunny weather, still put a needle on the ice to a kind it is thus clear that, resemble the glorious that there is magnificent like gem, people calls it diamond this world. The growth that puts a needle on the ice has 2 kinds of cases: One kind is to be below severe cold (- 30 ℃ are the following) humidity very the result with hour initiative and crystal lunt, another kind is to be in temperature is higher (- 5 ℃ are controlled) when humidity is bigger along snowflake some the child with the particularly mushroom vertex angle that complementary axis is in, the deformation that is snowflake develops.

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