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Water how much does knowledge know

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Healthy factor is affected in water

Microbial contaminant: Include bacterium, bacteria and helminth, bring by fountainhead normally. The requirement achieves the lowermost chroma that some sets to break out in order to prevent epidemic disease.

Metallic ion and inorganic compound: Include lead, copper, mercury and aluminium, and not carbonaceous compound is like salt of sulfate, nitric acid, nitrite and asbestine. These material are to be in fountainhead or be defeated by conduit canal to enter drinking water. What these material can affect human body is neurological, cause cancer, cause haemal part disorder. Volatile organic matter (VOC) these are easy volatilize to contain carbolic compound mediumly to air by water system. Basically originate the direct or indirect pollution such as reservoir of chemical of solvent, insecticide, industrial waste water, underground, include carbon of benzene, 4 chloridize, 7 chloric etc. The harm of these compound and cancer and fecundity is concerned.

Organic compound: Include compound of a few kinds of big carbon. Among them herbicide and pesticide discharge at soil, and these soil approach source of water; When adding chloric disinfection by chloric the alexipharmic by-product that react with organic matter and generates. These material also are concerned with reproductive ability and cancer.

Radioactivity: Include the uranium of nature itself, radon and radium. These material enter drinking water as a result of the geographical element of fountainhead ground, they are concerned with cancer.

The doctor says to 8 kinds of water cannot be drunk

Safe water is the premise of healthy water, because world total population is at present medium, quite proportional person drinks the water that is less than safe cleanness, everyday 25000 people die at catchs by the agency of water disease, wait like typhoid fever, dysenteric, enteritis, cholera. In recent years, already discovered 2110 kinds of contaminant in American water supply, in having 765 kinds of consist in smelly water, among them 20 kinds already are affirmed to be carcinogenic substance.

Healthy water at least is due 3 requirements: Free from contamination; Have vitality, namely physiology function is ambitious; Accord with physiology to ask. The doctor often admonishs we, 8 kinds of water should not be drink.

Unboiled water: Unboiled water points to the water that did not heat, wait like water of tap water, well, lake water, river water, because there are bacteria and helminth in unboiled water,wait.

The water that did not boil: Tap water passes chloridize disinfection, among them dissociable also the material such as halogenate hydrocarbon, chloroform, have cause the cancer, effect that send abnormal. When water temperature rise reachs 90 degrees, the content of halogenate hydrocarbon is 3 times original, exceed national standard of potable water double, lift when temperature 100 degrees when, chloridize hydrocarbon is met as evaporate and decrease greatly, if can continue boil 2 minutes, better.
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