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Water with healthy

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Water with health

Water is the material with indispensable life, also be the assurance that any organism and cell survive. Water is in human body is having intermediary effect in all life activity, nurture is digested character, absorb, of metabolization child excrete, soda acid balances maintain and the adjustment of temperature participation that needs water. People is like can seasonable, scientific ground to water, healthy to promoting long life is very good.

Because patient of coronary heart disease of coronary heart disease of prevention and cure perspires, the grow in quantity of make water of activity, night, quantity that drink water passes to wait for a reason less to be able to send blood to condense, circular obstruction heighten, cardiac muscle is not worth for blood, bring about angina pectoris. Because the morning gives birth to rational blood pressure the spot inside elevatory, artery piece Yi Song is moved fall off, plaque active adds advanced account, cause acute cardiac muscle easily to straighten dead. If can at sleeping every night before reach daystart each drink a cup (250ml) warm boiled water, can make hematic viscosity is reduced greatly, velocity of flow is accelerated, prevent effectively and reduce angina pectoris and the happening that cardiac muscle straightens dead.

Prevention and cure is short of courage and uprightness apoplectic those who be short of be caused by of block of head of courage and uprightness is apoplectic the above of half the number that takes disease of acute head blood-vessel, it is with old people especially much, and often happen at nightly. Because arterial congee appearance is sclerotic, be in charge of antrum stricture, hyperfunction of nightly vagus function, blood stream is decelerated, blood becomes stiff, happen extremely easily be short of block of head of courage and uprightness, seldom water if the old person of grow in quantity of the make water that reach night can reach midnight before sleep each drink a cup of boiled water, can reduce hematic viscosity, prevent greatly or decrease be short of courage and uprightness apoplectic.

Expert of precautionary cancer abroad considers to think, daily water 2.5 litres of amounts that can reduce carcinogenic substance and cystic wall contact and time, make the incidence of a disease of cystic cancer reduces an in part. In addition, drink of daily early morning a cup of boiled water but path of clean stomach bowel, cleared remain is knitted at enteron mucous membrane folds in a garment between feed rotten, stimulative bowel wriggles, bate excrement and urine, excrete quickly, decrease feed the rotten at one's convenience that reach dung the stimulation of harmful material and carcinogenic substance to mucous membrane of gastric bowel path, already but aperient, prevention and cure is chronic constipation, can prevent again and reduce the cancer of enteron.

Purify blood, improve airframe immunity function daily water 2 litres (about 8 ~ 10 cups) , enlarge look and the function that improve small loop can arrive since apparent ground, make uric quantity increases, accelerate what child metabolizes in blood to excrete, purify blood, promote the metabolism that organizes a cell, increase the immune function of airframe and disease-resistant capacity. Somebody still is used daily water 2 litres method quickens icteric subsidise, shorten course of diseases.
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