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The origin of water

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When we open map of the world, when we face tellurion, presenting the major area before us is bright-coloured blue. View the world from inside aerospace, the earth that we live is elliptic, very beautiful sky blue sphere. Water is the natural material with earthly face maximum amount, it covered the world the surface of 70% above. The earth is the big polo of a be worthy of the name.

Perhaps somebody can ask: From where does so much water come? Is there water originally on the earth?

When the earth just is born, without the river, also do not have ocean, do not have life more, its surface is dry, there also is moisture content rarely in aerosphere. So nowadays the sea of vast, gallop the river that does not cease, mist-covered water is vast laky, grotesque all ages ice and snow, still that underground emerges the pluvial snow cloud and mist of the Qing Quan that move and sky, are these water from where come?

Original earth is the interstellar material that by sun nebula differentiation comes out aggregate and become, its basic composition has hydric and nitrogen and a few dust. Solid dust collects union to form earthly kernel, outside around the move is many gas. When the earth just was formed, the structure is inattentive, quality is not great, gravitational force is small also, temperature is very low. Later, because the earth is ceaseless contractive, kernel radioactivity material produces energy, cause earthly temperature to lift ceaselessly, some material slowly calefacient and fused, more serious matter, wait like iron, nickel gather in central place to form the earth's core, the smallest material surplus at the earth's surface. Reduce gradually as earthly surface temperature, the earth's surface begins to form hard lithosphere. But because the earth is in-house temperature is very high, magma activity is very intense. Volcano erupts very frequent, the lithosphere also produces change ceaselessly, some places apophysis forms mountain peak, some local cave in are formed low-lying with the valley, at the same time gush gives out many gas. Because earthly volume is ceaseless contractible, gravitation also increases subsequently, right now, these gas already cannot cast off earthly gravitation, thereby around touchdown ball, formed " primitive earth atmosphere " . Primitive air is comprised by a variety of composition, vapor is among them one of.

Is vapor wherefrom come? Comprise the solid dust of primitive earth, it is a large number of fragments that senescent heavenly body explodes and become actually, these fragments are the thing of inorganic salt and so on more, in them in-house contain is worn a lot of water elements, namely hydrate of so called crystallization. The crystallization water inside crystallization hydrate issues separation to came out to become vapor in action of earthly interior high temperature. When gush reachs saturation to aerial vapor, cool Cheng Yun, become rain, on completion ground, gather in low-lying place, accumulate gradually laky with the river, final assemble forms ocean to upper lowest area.

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