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For the child, health waters

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For the child, health waters

1, pregnant woman should drink a cup of fresh cool boiled water after early morning gets up.

A research of Japan makes clear: Plain boiled water has to human body " inside catharsis " action. Additionally research makes clear, before breakfast 30 minutes drink the fresh boiled water that 200 milliliter 25-30 spends, can bowel of lukewarm embellish stomach, make digestive juice gets enough exudation, with appetitive, exciting bowel wriggles, advantageous and time defecate, prevent haemorrhoid constipation. The morning is hollow water very can fast be absorbed to enter blood by gastric bowel path, make blood attenuant, blood-vessel is outspread, accelerate haemal circulation thereby, the water with compensatory nightly and missing cell is divided.

2, mouth of pregnant woman avoid by all means just waters yearningly.

Thirsty like after be just as cropland chap, just watering, be lack the result of water and not be to begin, it is the rescuing signal that brain center issues requirement filling water. The moisture inside thirsty specification body already unbalance, cerebral cell dehydrate had arrived certain level. Pregnant woman waters should every other 2 hours, daily 8, in all 1600 milliliter.

Pregnant woman notices not all water can be drunk even, the following kinds of water cannot drink:

1) , do not drink long boil or repeatedly the boiled water of boil.

For example the boiled water in caldron furnace. After boiling repeatedly because of water, in water inferior nitric acid silver, inferior the chroma of the harmful material such as ion of nitric acid root and arsenic increases relatively. Drank long after the boiled water of boil, the low iron in can bringing about blood haemoglobin, written guarantee synthesis cannot carry the Gao Tie haemoglobin of oxygen, cause blood thereby toxic.

2) , pregnant woman avoid by all means drinks the tap water that did not heat.

Because tap water is medium chloric the organic matter with the remain in water interaction, meeting generation cries one kind " 3 hydroxyl " carcinogen. Pregnant woman also cannot drink the boiled water that exceeds 24 hours in the keep in storage in thermos, because drop lukewarmly gradually as the water inside bottle, organic matter meets the chloric in water be decomposed to become harmful nitrite ceaselessly, very adverse to the core condition of pregnant woman body.

3) , the boiled water that pregnant woman does not drink vacuum cup make tea.

Because many tannic acid, tea is contained in boiled water alkaline, balmy oil and a variety of vitamins. If immerse tea,be in the water of vacuum cup, a variety of vitamins are destroyed in great quantities and nutrition is reduced, boiled water is agonized, harmful material grow in quantity, drinkable hind can cause digestion to reach neurological disorder.

Pregnant woman cannot drink the water that the contaminant such as the liquid waste in be being produced by industry, waste gas, waste residue has polluted absolutely, although such water passes high temperature boil, the poisonous and chemical matter in water still exists.

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