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Health waters intellectual interlocution

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Health waters intellectual interlocution

Ask: How reasonable drinkable mineral water?

Answer: A lot of people drink water to should do satisfy one's thirst, must remember to the ability when the mouth is dry, thirsty so drink water, go against health so.

When the fresh water inside the person's body is enough, blood capillary of haemal viscosity, articulatory cartilage organization, blood, digestion work effectively. But, when water use up when be restricted, the organization that the body differs with protection partly with respect to meeting enroach on and organ, such meetings bring about ache, organize injury and various healthy issues. So human body often must complement moisture, do not be not the ability when the mouth is dry, thirsty to remember drink water. Expert proposal: Normal person needs to drink everyday 6, 8 cups of water. Water best time is: Get up in the morning drink a cup, anteprandial half hours drink a cup, hour of meal second half drinks a cup again to a hour, one cup is drunk before sleeping in the evening.

Pregnant woman must drink mineral water more, because harmful material is not had in water, prevented pair of fetal inroad, because fetal the resistance to harmful material, be able to bear or endure get power extremely low. The constant element in mineral water, microelement conduces to fetal development and health of the mother's body, conduce to normal metabolism. Pregnant woman drink dosage of a day is beautiful with two litres, but after unfavorable and freezing cold storage drinkable.

The incoming letter will ask the Huang Guoyan's reader of bazaar of people of the Chengdu City on June 20: Listen to a colleague to say to pour tone milk powder with mineral water, beneficial child is healthy, do not know whether this kind of view is scientific?

Answer: Huang Guoyan's reader, place of your work in the same placing carries " pour tone milk powder with mineral water " view not without the truth, solve your problem as follows now: In daily life, people rushs tone milk powder with the boiled water that heats boil, make a kind of habit, think to drink milk powder to just won't make gut so only. If use tap water to pour tone milk powder, heat water be necessary completely, but mineral water of the outfit that use a bucket is wrong. Mineral water is pure natural the high grade drinking water without pollution, the bacterium waits without coliform organisms in water, unripe drink accords with wholesome standard, need not burn " antiseptic " . If heat mineral water,attend a meeting the mineral precipitation in causing water, pour tone milk powder with this kind of water, what what contain in milk is mineral with microelement little a lot of. The bucket installs mineral water to develop the accurate method that moves milk is: Open water machine, heat mineral water, wait for heat after indicator light goes out, give off hot water (water is right now warm won't exceed 85 ℃ ) milk powder developing tone, drank the milk of modulation of hot mineral water, let human body absorb the nutrient value of milk not only, still can complement mineral with microelement.

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