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Health waters 4 paces music

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Health waters 4 paces music

Drink the water of above 4 times at least everyday, c of about 2000 c or 6 ~ 8 cups of water, allocate on average after getting up, in the morning, before reaching retire for the night afternoon, drink.

Morning removes a cup to raise Yan Shui

Get up in the morning, hollow drink a cup of water first. Water since morning have a lot of profit. It is compensatory moisture firstly: Through one night sleep, the body can evaporate because of perspiration and skin and a few water divide eduction, so in the morning we lie likely slight " dehydration " condition, seasonable compensatory moisture content is very serious. The 2nd, drink water in the morning, moisture enters internal organs of the body, let intestines and stomach begin to wriggle, stimulative defecate, drink cold water especially, right often costive person is very helpful.

Head going to work thing -- , pour water

Because of the might of SARS, very much now person can wash his hands first into the company. Might as well after letting good convention add ─ of a ─ to wash one's hands again, pour a cup of water incidentally. A capacity prepares in OFFICE the cup of c of about 500 c .

Come a flower type afternoon tea

Want small endowment dot, be inferior to looking for a colleague to drink tea together. At 34 o'clock afternoon, bubble tea of one crock flowers and plants (had better not add candy) , the edge samples, the edge chats, loosen, can complement already moisture, return the sentiment between OK and further work in the same placing.

Water also is drunk before sleeping

After falling asleep in the evening, have be as long as 6 ~ absorb moisture 8 hours no longer, haemal chroma also can increase, influence blood stream is smooth. Inadequacy of the moisture inside this and body is concerned, before retiring for the night so best again right amount drink water, help diluent blood.

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