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Clean the basic skill that is home appliance hibernate

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Weather turns grow in quantity of accident of cold home appliance

Enter a winter, the person knows Leng Zhi to heat up, the thin unlined upper garment that knows a summer closes, warm winter dress puts on a body. Actually home appliance also is like this. Work hard the air conditioning of one summer, electric fan should rest rested, your give a lot of care clears away fatigue rise, the ability when reoccupy of the coming year holds good position; For a long time is trashy bath bully, humidifier afresh " mount guard " , but must allow them to have gradually " suit " time, do not come excessive " overworked " . Home appliance winter maintains, the way to do sth of this within is not little, you come check the number is entered try, the electric equipment in seeing you be the home has done what work.

Clean the basic skill that is home appliance hibernate

The key maintains object: Air conditioning, washing machine, water heater, freezer, water machine

Home appliance is using a process for a long time in, easy corner dirt and dirty content, do not pay attention to home appliance " the individual is wholesome " , not only " hurt a body " life of influence home appliance, right also the health of the person that use has damage, for instance air conditioning is not cleaned cause infection of the upper respiratory tract easily, sordid meeting creates washing machine mite bug, freezer sanitation problem does not solve meeting pollution food to wait a moment. And daily we are right of home appliance clean, often flow at the surface again, think to be wiped to electric equipment surface with dishcloth with respect to OK, it is take temporary solution more actually not effect a permanent cure. Below, the reporter arrived for your collect simple effective home appliance cleans nostrum.

Mineral is effective purify freezer peculiar smell

Enter a winter, the utilization rate of freezer is reduced greatly, wholesome problem also is met by people neglect, extremely easy generation blames flavour inside freezer. You can be after dump, with chroma the saleratus of 3 % swabs the bilge inside freezer storeroom, can apace eliminate peculiar smell. Wait for significant position to the aperture inside freezer, chamfer, can dip in with sponge vinegar or alcohol are wiped, still have the certain effect that fight bacterium. The door pad of freezer is the easiest accumulate the place of bilge, should clean carefully most.
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