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The expert answers question water phenomenon of machine spontaneous combustion

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Because,our column once had reported recently weather overheat, the car is scanty the accident that produces spontaneous combustion at the overhaul, but what we should say today is not car spontaneous combustion, water however machine spontaneous combustion. Water machine how to meet spontaneous combustion, be also scanty at the overhaul? Go looking together.

Yesterday (on June 25) afternoon, see in Mr Wang home. Put aside those who be on the side of the door to water machine already was burned ulterly changedly, after pail melts, mix water plane principal part is together repeatedly, catch fire appearing black smoke fumes whole house inkily. Although the thing had happened several days, but mention to watered that day machine is abrupt catch fire, mr Wang still appears one's heart still fluttering with fear.

Come up at that time foolish do not know how to return a responsibility, the move is so tall, he says how you still don't go fire fighting ah, I am rushed into with respect to wherefrom pupil came. If late drop connected a cabinet to burn, this house was over.

Mr Wang says, this " An Jier " of the brand water machine he is bought when 2000, used 78 years to had not produced breakdown all the time, water additionally machine have overheat protector, catch fire suddenly let him 100 think of do not get its to solve.

This kind of thing not should spontaneous combustion, it should be to cut off the power automatically, should not wear

Take out from Mr Wang " An Jier " in light of each relevant certificate, water machine also be eligible product, be what reason causes its spontaneous combustion after all so? Reporter immediately phone was interviewed " how base " the maintenance technician of the company.

If use 67 years of words, circuit ageing is absolutely possible, what overheat protector action won't rise is too big. If do not have water dry perhaps burn cause likely catch fire.

The staff member that is in charge of maintenance according to this says, because water machine what had burned is serious be out of shape, they also cannot be informed specific reason, then, the reporter found supervisory bureau of Beijing quality technology again.

This kind of circumstance is very scarce, because the product is used,the likelihood is too long, vigour occurrence ageing short circuit. Still having may be to use n not to match, electrical wiring is calorific catch fire.
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