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Qiu Riqing washs home appliance to eradicate those who bring a disease " disaste

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Enter eventually autumn, sultry weather is about to boil in the end at long last. Although, the autumn this year is some later than in former years, can become the cool and refreshing arrival of that relaxed and happy making a person in curtain of night when, a lot of once the feeling of be worried also subsequently and go. Often such, total meeting is gutty and actuation, presumably, can brace faces a new day afresh.
Nevertheless, even if enthusiasm is such, also still some of thing needs to had been done. After all, it is to matter to the problem with healthy everybody -- eradicate what these bring a disease likely in the home " disaster source " , regard as Xiang Ganggang left of this summer in the past.

   Disaster source one: Water machine
2 pollution that water, spearhead is to point to water of machine.
Common water machine entering water while, meeting belt enters a large number of bubble, these bleb can carry a few bacteria to enter pail of outfit inside water. On the other hand, water machine interior is used for a long time and do not clean, store water bravery, aqueduct, mouth giving water is met deposit bilge, also meet breed is many bacterium.
Although, a lot of new-style water ground of functional enough utmost solves this problem, but what most family still uses is common water machine. Accordingly, water the fixed disinfection of machine cannot be saved absolutely.
Clean method: Asking professional nature is the safest, the most efficient way, but so large-scale clean not only the price is high, and often disassemble the life that drinks water machine is influential also.
The introduction gives everybody the way of a simple petty gain here, will clean with lemon water machine.
Prepare a fresh lemon, incision hind squeezes a lemonade, according to 1: The scale of 10 is smooth. Fall to water inside machine cistern, immerse half hour.
Citric acidity can have antiseptic effect, still can counteract partial furring. And, clean with lemon, water thick strange ingredient is contained after won't resembling be being cleaned with alexipharmic water in the water in machine. However pure and fresh lemon is sweet.
Clean frequency: Two months left and right sides is cleaned
Clew: If choose disappear venom to clean,water machine, must clean with water for many times, disinfect fluid how to allege no matter oneself are avirulent.
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