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Xiaochang knows: Water machine is energy-saving have new law

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If have,grab answering question together so: " chunk head " freezer and " slender " water machine photograph is compared, report of which bad news is much? A lot of people meet ground of assume sth as a matter of course says: Report of freezer bad news is much!

Very regretful, you are wrong!

Report of every daily expense is in an energy-saving freezer commonly 0.4-0.5 spends the left and right sides, one year bad news report is spent in 140-180; And cover an area of an area to have freezer only of 1/4 water machine, daily expense n should be achieved 1.2 reach 1.7 degrees, a year bad news report is many degrees 550. Unlike do not know, jump than frightening! The figure waters smally machine, power consumption is almost the 3-4 of Gao Youzhuang's freezer times!

Expert analysis: Water machine the time that uses truly everyday is in about 8-10 hour, other time is unused bide one's time time. Look, the report that has nearly 2/3 is wasted for nothing!

Influence of what method both neither waters use of machine normally, avoid waste effectively again? Actually, should let water only Electromechanical source passes an electron energy-saving implement with respect to everything is just fine. Water machine electron is energy-saving implement inside buy an intelligence chip, the time that set 7 kinds of human nature to change beforehand paragraph set pattern, you can are used to according to your daily life or the working hours of office place is optional a kind of mode, it can be connected according to program automata cut off the power time, the power supply of time Duan Kaiqi that water needs in you, make sure you are used normally water of machine heat and refrigeration function, and unused unused bides his time time paragraph automatic dump, shut water machine, achieve the result of section report. The experiment makes clear, force of top part electric energy can amount to this product 67% .

With breaking through a company " water machine electron is energy-saving implement " for exemple, be in to report of day bad news of 1.5 degrees of above water machine, can water for every machine is annual save about 300 degrees of report. By at present every spend charge of electricity 0.48 yuan of computation, every water machine is annual can save nearly 144 yuan. This electron that has volume of renovate mobile phone only is energy-saving implement, can use in not only water on machine, jug of electric water heater, electric heat, even the product of the high cost report such as street lamp billboard is applicable also.
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