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Solve water machine " pollute 2 times " the key is to clean disinfection

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As people of daily standard of living rise, convenient and have modern life flavor water machine take home of common common people already. However, water machine " pollute 2 times " problem, the love that also makes a lot of people right hates occur simultaneously. The expert reminds, want to be used correctly only actually, water machine still be very practical and convenient and the healthy things that occupy the home.

Consumer viewpoint

Days small: Since hear water plane is light " pollute 2 times " later, open every time water machine when taking faucet, hear the voice that murmur murmurs, see pail varus is emerging a string of bleb that string together, keep in the heart feel uncertain. Water is drunk also can feel into abdomen faint ground is uncomfortable in abdomen, also may be psychological action of course, anyway I feel to use now water machine drink clean water to also do not have safe feeling quite.

Mr Wu: I love to drink tea, the water quality of Beijing is bad, bubble does not give good tea to come, I want to buy to water very much machine, next can the sweet tea that the United States enjoys me beautifully. But get online,understood, I am astonied, water machine resemble simply " bacterial bomb " , the bucket after be being polluted 2 times installs water how to let a person be drunk so that be at ease, so I aux would rather now bear tap water everyday, always more healthy than the harm should better.

Expert view

Use correctly won't endanger health

Recently, water in the light of the family expenses that at present the society pays close attention to extensively problem of engine quality safety, the country pledges check total bureau introduced to concern a situation to journalism about chief. This chief says, index of the wholesome index that level of our country state drinks the product of container of stainless steel tableware such as water machine, electric equipment safety made relevant provision, use correctly water machine won't have healthy hidden trouble.

According to introducing, about watering problem of quality of the bravery inside machine stainless steel, from of the bravery inside stainless steel water the working principle analysis of machine, water the water inside machine heats repeatedly, but cannot think to water at this point the bravery inside machine can produce heavy metal, arsenic to turn the harmful material such as content. Accord with GB9684 through detecting " standard of sanitation of container of stainless steel tableware " the bravery inside the stainless steel of the requirement is safety. GB9684 - 88 " standard of sanitation of container of stainless steel tableware " medium experiment condition is more slashing, it is via the stainless steel container of certificate of proof below the circumstance that contacts with water, won't harmful to human body.
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