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Clean water implement whole strategy of choose and buy

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Clean water implement whole strategy of choose and buy-- visit our country disease to prevent expert of water purification of water of central environment place Water as people health recognizant buildup, clean water implement the every day object that became a lot of families. Now the clean water on the market implement product brand is quite much, let consumer have very big choice room. But in the process of choose and buy in reality, many consumer mirror: Because get the limitation of relevant and professional knowledge, average consumer discerns very hard should choose what kind of clean water implement. And the manufacturer often advocates a few new ideas between conduct propaganda, make consumer more like indulge in in Yun Li mist. The health that how can you just choose you can be us truly " escort the Emperor convoy " clean water implement? Expert Li Yadong teachs the water water purification that we interviewed Chinese disease to prevent central environment place. "The 3 big the mainest hidden trouble that pollution of organic matter pollution, chloric acting child and heavy metal pollution are tap water " As we have learned, adding chlorine to disinfect is to use the most general tap water to handle technology at present, chlorine has very strong oxidisability, can exterminate bacterium and virus, because this can prevent the popularity of large-scale contagion, but wait like organic contaminant, heavy metal to the chemical contaminant in water helpless however. Chinese laky environment studies academician of Hong Liang of chief scientist Liu says: "The biggest safe hidden trouble in tap water comes from organic matter " . In water of domestic source of water general can check gives tens of planting to go up even 100 kinds of organic contaminant, having among them is to have partly quite cause cancer, send abnormal, cause mutation " 3 send material " . Add chloric disinfection to handle technology the bacterium in assuring to exterminate water and virus while inextricability however chloric the pollution with the chloric acting product that organic matter reaction fashions in water, and chloric acting child is what discover at present is the most serious in watering " 3 send material " . Professor Li says,
"The discretion of chloric acting child and organic contaminant content to water quality it is very important, the concerned water standard in bureau of American environmental protection and newest Chinese water standard special emphasize give emphasize. " additional, the heavy metal composition in water is virulent material 100 percent almost. "The contaminative hidden trouble with the mainest tap water is organic matter, chloric acting child and heavy metal pollution. " summary of Professor Li Yadong says. Solve this 3 big questions to make the task with the mainest industry of our country clean water.
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