The choose and buy waters machine cannot ignore energy-saving

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Say build up report is energy-saving, people nature can remember the large family of bad news report such as freezer, air conditioning, and hide in the sitting room one horn of unknown to public water machine, problem of its specific power consumption however often by person oversight.

Concerned expert points out, water machine also be one of home appliance with big power consumption, some power consumption are bigger than freezer, how energy-saving it is a topic that ought not to be ignored. But the country is in water machine is energy-saving the standard that the respect returns neither one to make clear, consumer also lacks relevant basis when the choose and buy.

According to winning the bid senior engineer Yue Zongwen introduces center of energy-saving product certification, issue of water function cost ever drank to had had a test inside course of study, should water machine general 1 pail of water heat after ending, let its be in heat preservation -- , heat -- , heat preservation this kind of successive job status 24 hours, the cold heat that power is 600 tile is amphibious water machine, bad news report 1.5 ~ 1.7 degrees, of odd cold or odd heat water opportunity cost report 0.75 degrees. By this token, water the importance behoove with energy-saving machine gets people take seriously.

Although a few enterprises had rolled out energy-saving product, but have investigation discovery, most consumer thinks to resemble watering machine this kind of small home appliance can use up how many report impossibly, because when very few somebody is being bought, this considers energy-saving issue, very few also somebody is willing to pay taller fee for energy-saving product.

A few consumer express, because what the function does not have too big difference, so their make choice of waters after the brand of machine, the cold heat that should see design satisfaction, price can be accepted again only product went. Also had never considered power consumption issue, more do not know to water machine so bad news report.

Ma Dejun of assistant dean of academy of Chinese home appliance points out, water machine go up oneself since the century appears on the market at the beginning of 90 time, already from into enter autumn for a long time, drink water machine to consume ideal change as the formation of buyer's market and consumer, water machine industry has entered all-around competition such as modelling of the price, exterior, quality, function, function, service. But the conduct propaganda that concerns energy-saving respect socially is little little, consumer does not understand also do not pay close attention to water the circumstance of bad news report of machine. Energy-saving water machine comparing waters commonly machine price is high, and energy-saving product is reflected in long-term use course to the redound of consumer, process of make a present of is this time more lengthy. To consumer, they more those who take a fancy to is before buy fare, consider less to using fee. Because the market does not have the demand of pair of energy-saving products, the motivation of research and development of manufacturer home very won't big, make the energy-saving consciousness of the industry very fragile also, only a few well-known trademarks rolled out energy-saving product, energy-saving water chance is less still in whole industry.

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