3 action discern water machine actor bad

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The first action: Look receive water part

Water machine the component that receive water is crucial, basically include clever, 3 receive conduit and cold hot pot 3 parts, must use " edible class " material. How does consumer recognize " edible class " material? The expert points out: See attestation, of place choose and buy water machine whether to stick have " the attestation that fight bacterium " ; 2 see brightness, inferior and plastic brightness is dark, transparency is poor; 3 see hardness, use or add reclaim useless old plastic what make for raw material is clever, its hardness is poor, the extruding that use a hand is changeful form; 4 hear voice, of up to specification clever, the meeting when flapping is given out ringing " Dong Dong " sound.

The 2nd action: Compare plate thickness

A less known and inferior brand waters machine for managing cost, jerry, plate thickness makes an appointment with 0.4 millimeter, and water normally aircraft is total use high grade board, ply is 0.8 millimeter. The bucket installs the weight of water to be controlled for 10 kilograms commonly, stencil steel is too thin, allow changeful form to rupture, produce risk of leakage of electricity.

The 3rd action: Want recognize brand

At present the enterprise of 80% above of domestic is blame major small plant, dimensions and ability of research and development are very weak, basically rely on a spare parts to assemble, the pinchbeck, production that stick a card, puzzle through low consumer. Because water chance is direct contact with drinking water, because this is right the requirement of the sex that fight bacterium of the sealing between the component and material is very strict.

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