The choose and buy is at ease water machine have knowledge

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Major now family is used water machine, this already was an indispensable article in people life. But the quality of total bureau of national qualitative check selectives examination to show as a result, water the sampling percent of pass of machine is 65.6% , and before before long the sampling result of the qualitative check branch of Tianjin city and the Anhui province is respectively: "Percent of pass has 3 to become only much " with " of 2/3 water machine is insecure " . Look from the sampling observation result of each district, water the quality problem of machine basically has: Power input and electric current do not accord with a standard to ask; Power source join and exterior soft cable and flexible cord do not accord with a standard to ask; Element of heavy metal of the chromium in the bravery inside uses stainless steel, nickel exceeds mark to wait. At present on countrywide market all sorts of watering machine brand has 500 about many, from the point of the rate that amount to mark, the quality of card of a lot of essay makes a person can care.

Divide above a few when mention, according to watering beautifully Zhen Shaojiang of machine general manager introduces, water the occupation of 2 pollution problem of machine already was become water machine selective examination a unqualified important facet. As we have learned, water machine be to use air pressure principle to work, air is entered negative pressure ability is formed to make sure a water is smooth inside pail, the air that how many current goes out how to many wait for bulk enters a bucket inside. Want to know, although be in clean environment, there also are 4000 bacteria about in every stere air. And air is entered water in machine, the bacterium can breed ceaselessly, arise from this " pollute 2 times " . If brand of a few low chooses low qualitative stainless steel, use 2 times inferior even reclaim makings make component, cause from this " pollute 2 times " brings harm, quite terrible.

Because water,the mechanism builds manufacturer good and evil people mixed up, often appear malign low competition, shoddy wait for a phenomenon, block trade health develops. Here setting falls, GB appoint beginning formulate waters the first of machine industry mandatory national level, decision by water beautifully aircraft company takes the lead, preeminent company is joint inside constituent industry formulate this " GB " , beautiful force chief commander of their research and development " complete pipeline is antiseptic " the technology is written into GB, with making water machine user can cast off the adverse situation that pollution brings 2 times.

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