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Korea sewage disposal uses the market situation of air-blower

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In Korea, sewage disposal field begins construction to rise from 1970, it is chance with the Seoul Olympic Games that held 1988, make handled the construction of field to have the development of advance rapidly. Extend as what develop the construction of sewage disposal field that rise quickly, so far, the popularity rate of its sewage disposal already was amounted to 62% . To 2005, will build field of 222 sewage disposal, make its popularity rate is amounted to thereby 80% , if can achieve this one goal, it will include Europe the range of advanced country.

What aeration air-blower uses before is air-blower of multistage of type of electromotor straight couplet. But, since 1985, because gear increases the efficiency of air-blower of turbine of fast type only course tall, structure compact, cost is low, reason is regarded as aeration air-blower formally to use.

Look from the market, still add the manufacturer of air-blower of fast type only course without production gear in Korea home before, consequently, euramerican manufactory enters Korea market in succession, already had Europe here 4, two air-blower of American make manufacturer enter Korea market. Formed the situation that the unprecedented international on the world competes thereby.

1. International collaboration produces aeration beat engine

Sewage disposal of production of collaboration of company limited of original wind- driven machine uses the luck that since 1984 company limited of heavy industry of Japanese plain Qi and Korea home have actual strength most aeration air-blower, the main part such as its rotor all is produced by lucky former company with exterior cent, have the advantage that the price competes thereby.

Lucky former company produces multistage air-blower to already had the outstanding achievement of much stage, produce the need of only course air-blower to make plant equipment is accorded with, this company introduced center of machining of much axis numerical control, small-sized rotor to use device of shift of frequency of accurate balancing machine, power source to wait, raise the technical level of manufactory of only course air-blower hard, already produced a nearly 50 only course air-blower so far thereby.

Lucky former company regards Korea as only domestic air-blower manufacturer, already formed competitive force with Euramerican manufactory home now. And with aircrew breakdown little, after service and from time to time get of the user reputably.

2. Korea home the market trend henceforth

The popularity rate of the field of big city sewage disposal in view of Korea home is quite high already, will think main demand is met henceforth to the middle of the place small town develops. The capacity of its air-blower also can be planted with small-sized machine (100m3/min is the following) give priority to.

Of sewage disposal field saturated condition already was in since building nearly 10 years, as 2 processing, namely the ceaseless development that high accuracy processing changes, the need of aeration air-blower, will plant with small-sized machine inside 10 years henceforth grow ceaselessly for the heart.
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