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Ultraviolet technology applies mediumly in water treatment

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Ultraviolet technology is in global each district by in applying at all sorts of water treatment systems widely increasingly

- Adam Donnellan

Use ultraviolet ray to exterminate aquatic contagion the advantage of bacterium has gotten affirming extensively. Actually, industrial group is one of pioneer that use this technology the earliest. Today, almost all industry use ultraviolet technology in water treatment system, include food and beverage industry, pharmacy line of business, cosmetic course of study, health care to taste industry of course of study, manufacturing industry, hi-tech to wait a moment. Antiseptic disinfection is ultraviolet technology the main application in water and liquid waste domain. Meanwhile, industrial group still uses this technology in other a lot of respects, include to eliminate ozone among them, reduce total organic carbon (TOC) , chlorine of liquid candy disinfection, degradation, surface and air and cooling tower disinfection. The article will be in to ultraviolet ray a few utility of industrial group have brief introduction.


Ultraviolet ray is antiseptic and main it is the ultraviolet light that uses wavelengh of 254 accept rice. The ultraviolet radiation of this wavelengh is optical, even if in the ultraviolet ray of minim projectile dosage falls, the life core that also can destroy a cell -- DNA, because this prevents rejuvenesce, lose recovery capability to make the bacterium becomes harmless, achieve the result of sterilization thereby. Use a technology like all other ultraviolet ray same, the dimensions of this kind of system depends on ultraviolet intensity (illuminate implement intensity and power) with osculatory time (water, liquid, or air exposes the time length below ultraviolet ray) .

Eliminate ozone

In industrial production, ozone often is used at disinfect and purifying water system. But, because ozone has extremely strong oxidation capacity, if ozone of the rest in water can not is opposite to issue one flow to be affected somewhat likely by purify, accordingly, the water that normally ozonation crosses must go to ozone of the rest in water getting rid of before entering main technological process. The ultraviolet ray of wavelengh of 254 accept rice is very effective to destroying the rest ozone, it can decompose ozone into oxygen. Although the dimensions of different systematic place need is different, but will tell normally, the sterilization that radiative quantity is a tradition disinfects the ultraviolet ray that a typical ozone eliminates systematic place to need of the system 3 times the left and right sides.

Reduce amount of total organic carbon

In a lot of hi-tech and lab unit, organic matter will be cloggy the production of tall purity water. A lot of methods can get rid of organic matter from Shui Zhongqing, more commonly used method includes to use activated carbon and reverse osmosis. The ultraviolet ray with shorter wavelengh (185 accept rice) reduce total organic carbon effectively to measure (of the value what carry is these radiative implement the ultraviolet radiation that also produces 254 accept metric wave to grow, because this is OK,undertake alexipharmic at the same time) . The ultraviolet ray with shorter wavelengh has more energy, because this can resolve organic matter. Ultraviolet ray oxidizes although organic reaction process is very complex, its are main the principle is to pass the free oxyhydrogen with generation oxidation very strong capability, organic matter oxidation becomes water and carbon dioxide. With ozone cleared department consolidates model, this kind of degradation the ultraviolet ray of the ultraviolet system of organic carbon is radiative the quantity is traditional disinfection system 3 arrive fourfold.
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