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Natatorium handles notebook

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One. Brief introduction:

This natatorium is to use bottom to be all over the sky astral cloth water all around overflow gives water means of refluent type loop, water treatment system uses diatomite to filter, ozone disinfects means.

Operate personnel to undertake strictly operating according to this manual standard please, common problem explains by manual clew is solved, encounter special situation, quit systematic movement first, seek advice from the reentry after professional personage to be operated all right.

2. Diatomite filter operates a specification

This system uses diatomite to filter coal tub, every diatomite filters coal tub can corresponding pump of a loop, cannot two loops pump is corresponding a diatomite filters coal tub, if two loops pump is corresponding,a diatomite filters coal tub makes discharge crosses great pressure to lift, diatomite can be stuck in the depth of filter cloth, such meetings affect amount giving water, 0.5 times what if be in,force and exit water pressure control into water when moving normally, if should be more than a diatomite canister,be about to undertake recoil. Check each valve certainly before recoil, want correspondence a recoil, reactive time is in 3 to 5 minutes, adjust every valve after recoil filter normally the position, to cast inside coal tub add diatomite every add 6 kilograms inside coal tub only, inside the pot that after diatomite casts the diatomite when adding to want dilute, is added in circular pump water inlet, coal tub opens valve of bottom of the canister that add land slowly when Neijiaman, must look at the diatomite inside coal tub to be sucked, the attention does not want induction air. After filter should stop 20 minutes everyday, move again, such ability make diatomite is stuck equably on filter cloth adequately, if long reactive around pressure is constant, should open diatomite to filter right now the upper cover of coal tub takes out heart of the filter inside coal tub undertake cleaning to each filter heart. Correspondence of 3 loops pump filters 1 number coal tub, correspondence of 2 loops pump filters 2 numbers coal tub, pump of a loop reserves. 5 UniCom a powerful person often is shut.

Cross filtration Cheng:

(1) filter coal tub when 1 sole job, should assure open of 6 a powerful person that drink water, 6 give open of water a powerful person, 6 blowdown a powerful person is shut, 6 recoil wash a powerful person to shut.

(2) filter coal tub when 2 sole jobs, should assure open of 7 a powerful person that drink water, 7 give open of water a powerful person, 7 blowdown a powerful person is shut, 7 recoil wash a powerful person to shut.

Reactive process:

(1) filter coal tub 1 when undertaking recoil, should assure open of 6 a powerful person that drink water, open of 6 blowdown a powerful person, open of 6 reactive a powerful person, 6 reactive a powerful person are shut.
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