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Conduit is pure the design of water system all

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Conduit is pure the design of water system all

Out: " catchment of Chinese water supply " An Xianfeng 1, li Zhimei 2

The supply of clean water on the market is at present main with bottled give priority to with coal tub outfit, although its are had convenient, carry convenient wait for an advantage, but will consider from cost cost respect, can yet be regarded as of water supply tubal a network a kind more economy, convenient water supply way. Because at present home still does not have the standard that designs about pure conduit net, standard, show integrated author to be opposite the design experience of project of many clean water and experience, in the light of pure conduit road the design summarized a few view, travel together please offer precious opinion and proposal, collective communication.

1 canal net is decorated

To avoid to form pipeline 2 times pollution is reached " lentic " phenomenon, the net should decorate whole feed pipe to be the same as form loop pipeline, pursue 1 it is a few kinds when the author often uses decorate means. Graph 1(a) applies to the building with high < 50 M, less number establishing a canal.

Graph 1(b) applies to the high-level building with high > 50 M, more number establishing a canal.

Graph 1(c) applies to sheet small high level or high-level building. Former circular pump can be put in housetop already, also can put between ground facilities; Latter circular pump should be put in the ground, and decompression issue should consider in pipeline.

Graph 1(d) applies to many multilayer or village building.

Graph 1(e) applies to tall, multilayer group structure.

No matter use which kinds of form tubal a network, must undertake the net makes the same score difference tubal, put likely still in backwater otherwise not free, " lentic " problem.

Basis of 2 hydraulic computation

high grade water, at present people just uses straight water and did not make him basically use, so the property of its water consumption and building has nothing to do basically. And discharge of second of design of conduit of building life water supply is formulary: Value of the α in Ng KNg of α of Qg = 0.2, K basically decides the use at the building, apply this formula to calculate so the both neither of design second discharge of high grade water is reasonable not accurate also.

2.1 discharge

The author thinks, the basis published 1981 " project of catchment of indoor water supply " the formula in teaching material:

Qg = 0.347 (Qp)   of   of 0.5     (1)

Qg of the   in type -- computation is in charge of paragraph discharge of second of water supply design, l/s

Qp -- average day water consumption, m3/d

Drinkable to be being offerred only high grade water, the main factor that affects its water consumption is water consumption the standard is counted with use person, have namely:

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