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Conduit divides the composition of qualitative water supply and engineering desi

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Conduit divides the composition of qualitative water supply and engineering design

Out: " catchment of Chinese water supply " Peng Haiqing, li Ping, liu Xia, zou Ping

In build a dweller conduit is carried out to distribute qualitative water supply inside the village (namely one bushing net carries tap water to be used at the dweller such as catharsis, afforest miscellaneous with, the high grade drinking water that after setting one bushing net additionally to pass tap water or groundwater deepness of special water treatment equipment to handle, gets carries dweller home technical secondary school to offer drinkable) it is to improve our country townsman to water at present the practical method of water quality. In the meantime, conduit cent pledges water supply develops initial stage to be able to promote a village effectively grade in house property, considerable economic benefits still can be brought to investor after the project is carried out, also caused house property to develop the wide interest of business consequently. 

1 water standard

Current, the water standard that can pledge for conduit cent water supply uses has: ① " drinkable and natural mineral water " (GB8537, 1995) , this standard sets drinkable and natural mineral water to be a feature in order to contain certain mineral salt, microelement or carbon dioxide gas, have higher nutrient value and sanitarian effect; ② " drinkable clean water water standard " (CJ94, 1999) , this standard gave out drinkable the concept of clean water, set target of certain water quality (wait like COD, total organic carbon, heavy metal, hardness, TDS) value of upper limit content, but the floor level value that did not set the hardness, TDS water quality target that reflects mineral content; ③ " bottled and drinkable standard of clean water sanitation " (GB17324, 1998) , this standard gave out the definition of clean water, the requirement is pure the 10 μ of electrical conductivity ≤ of water S/cm. 

Because amount of exploitation of natural mineral water is limited, consider the need of human body health at the same time, the author thinks executive conduit divides qualitative water supply to had better be used " drinkable clean water " . 

2 conduit cent pledges water supply is comprised

Conduit cent pledges the core of water supply comprises by 4 much: Equipment of equipment of high grade drinking water, water supply of frequency conversion constant voltage, feed pipe net and tubal net boiler circulation are antiseptic equipment. Systematic flow sees a picture 1. 

Equipment of 2.1 high grade drinking water

Equipment of high grade drinking water is the core unit that tap water deepness purifies processing, the device making water that uses at conduit to distinguish project of qualitative water supply should be produced contain microelement and mineral high grade drinking water. Current, the manufacturing technology of high grade drinking water is commonly: Pretreatment system film filters antiseptic. According to state of raw water water quality, optional choose small filter, exceed filter and accept filter technology to produce high grade drinking water, but use one class reverse osmosis to also can be obtained when raw water electrical conductivity is taller contain the high grade drinking water with certain mineral amount. Accept filter film already the harmful material in raw water of can effective purify (wait for) like organic matter, heavy metal, bacterium, virus, can partial desalination, go the part in raw water of hardness, right amount reservation mineral, specific power consumption not tall, the optimal film technology that consequently high grade drinking water manufactures can yet be regarded as. In small-sized and medium-sized water in processing system, the pretreatment system that can choose includes small garrulous to coagulate filter, arenaceous filter or manganese are arenaceous filter, filter of activated carbon adsorption, bate, essence and PH control [1] .

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