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All of water system of conduit straight water is discussed

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All of water system of conduit straight water is discussed

Out: First live Weng Jun of seminar of international of area water environment (engineer)

"Civilian it is a day in order to feed, feed it is with water first. " once appear,all of water system of conduit straight water is in our country, caused necessarily pay close attention to all the more. Although pledge with foreign cent water supply photograph is compared, interconnected system of our country's current water system of conduit straight water is having relatively bright China distinguishing feature, but the commercial process that it promoted drinking water however, the progress that reflected national economy from a flank and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rise smoothly, also confirm numerous people is right healthy pay close attention to increasingly.

One conduit waters continuously is the technical advantage of all

Alleged conduit waters continuously, use the means of minute of qualitative water supply namely, in dweller village or public construction (wait like guesthouse, school) inside set clean water station, it is source water with tap water, classics deepness processing, treatment and purify, outside original tap water system, add a pipeline of independent high grade water supply again, the high grade water after purifying direct input reachs each each reach the point that use water, offer people drinkable. With bottle (bucket) the photograph that install water is compared, conduit waters continuously have more apparent industrialized feature, it is the inevitable tendency that the times develops. Current, obverse side of traditional tap water system is facing the menace that comes from many sided:

No matter 1. is surface water source or subterranean fountainhead, suffer integral environment to worsen, of industrial waste water, sewage undeserved discharge wait for an influence, had presented the trend that gives aggravation.

Of 2. tradition " coagulation, precipitation (or clear) , filter, add chloric disinfection " water treatment craft, organic to the dissolvability in water system matter and small element material hard purify, and some are had in these material " 3 send " characteristic.

3. remains in water system " 3 send " wait for minim organic matter, after classics chloridize is disinfected, its endanger a gender to have heighten a trend, and beyond chloric bring about tap water to give water feeling view to use up person meaning hard directly. 4. Because conduit of urban water supply all has quite long history, all sorts of impurity and microbial conglutinate are in conduit wall, the possibility that pollutes 2 times is larger. Additional, cistern of pumping station of the reservoir of the village, pressurization, housetop and the government that manage a network 2 times, also producing the effect of different level to tap water water quality.

Be aimed at with this, all of water system of conduit straight water is on water treatment craft, use the means such as degradation of adsorptive, oxidation, biology and velar filter, through scientific combination, undertake to raw water deepness is handled, make reach water water quality is accorded with completely " drinkable clean water water standard " (CJ94, 1999) . In material choice, equipment is used on, all of water system of conduit straight water uses green annulus to keep material is like random copolymerization polypropylene (polyethylene of PP-R) canal, cross-linking (PEX) the canal, valve, cistern introduce stainless steel product, from go up at all the generation that put an end to pollution 2 times. On means is defeated by water, through using water supply of loop of equipment of water supply of constant voltage of personal computer frequency conversion, all of water system of conduit straight water comes true to adjust continuously, ensured the on the safe side of water quality giving water further thereby.

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