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Build water supply 2 times to pollute prevention and cure and measure

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[Summary] the condition that the article offerred 3 respects, it is pollution and tubal net are folded 2 control water supply fashion; 2 it is circumfluence pollute and flow backwards prevent implement; 3 it is to corrode pollution and stainless steel canal. The main pollution means that these 3 respects are building water supply and way and measure of relevant main prevention and cure, put forward to offer reference.

[Keyword] 2 times contaminative canal net is folded press pollution of water supply circumfluence to flow backwards prevent implement anti-fouling isolating valve corrodes pipe buckle of contaminative stainless steel to press type join

2 times 1 pollution and tubal net are folded press water supply means to take water from municipal canal net (turn on the water take water from tubal net directly to cistern or water pump) , classics pressurization is backward

User water supply, the problem that with solving municipal service pipe quantity of hydraulic, water is not worth net water supply is to be pressurization water supply 2 times.

2 times mode of pressurization water supply has the following 4 sort:

User of → of cistern of → of water pump of → of cistern of 1 fountainhead → , means of cistern water supply;

User of → of jar of baric water of → of water pump of → of cistern of 2 fountainhead → , means of baric water supply;

User of → of water pump of frequency conversion of → of cistern of 3 fountainhead → , means of frequency conversion water supply;

User of → of water pump of 4 fountainhead → , tubal net is folded control water supply fashion.

Means of cistern water supply uses capacity of upper cistern adjustment, application is the earliest. Reliability of its water supply is high, but water supply pressure suffers cistern to install height to restrict, take up the area is much, drop noise faze civilian, 2 pollution are serious.

Pollute serious problem 2 times in the light of cistern, ceng Cai has taken a lot of step. If change,cistern casing material pledges, strengthen management, fixed clean, in cistern mouth giving water adds alexipharmic device to wait, but the effect fares badly. In means of cistern water supply while, 80 time early, metaphase, means of baric water supply is in our country be current, be in northern region especially. Means of baric water supply uses baric water jar to move section discharge, its cover an area of an area relatively lesser, can without lid is airtight container, pollution is opposite less, but specific power consumption of baric water supply is much, bad news uses rolled steel much, adjust the size is small, water supply is hydraulic change is big.

Means of frequency conversion water supply is arisen after means of baric water supply climax, water pump frequency conversion moves, its cover an area of province, water supply hydraulic and constant, pollution is little. But the mechanical dependability that the dependability of water supply decides the dependability at power supply and water pump completely.

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