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Long Tengrui: Environmental protection studies water of area of 3 gorge library

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Environmental protection studies water of area of 3 gorge library general situation

Main content:

One. General situation

2. Current situation of environment of library area water

3. In recent years achievement of environmental protection research sums up water of area of 3 gorge library

4. Last word

One, general situation

3 gorge project is China, also be the project of the biggest integrated key water control project on the world, have prevent or control flood, generate electricity, shipping reachs water supply to wait to use benefit integratedly significantly, it is processing and the decisive backbone project that develop the Yangtse River, attract worldwide attention.

Location of dam of 3 gorge project is located in * 3 bottles of level ground press down Hubei Yichang county, control drainage area 1 million Km2.

3 gorge of * project at formal in December 1994 start, cut of implementation great river flowed in November 1997, store water came in June 2003 135m water level, predict finishing 2009.

3 gorge of * reservoir is normal 175m of harbour water level, corresponding library area limits comes from dam location near the Jiang Jin of upriver 668km, 1084km2 of reservoir surface area, trunk stream paragraph average width makes an appointment with 1100m, breadth of formerer river side increases about one times, it is typical wadi reservoir.

Area of 3 gorge library involves * the river ferry city of Chongqing city, advocate county of area of the city zone, change north, Ba Na area, macrobian area, Fu hill area, Wu Long, abundant division of county, stone column county, faithful county, 10 thousand states, open a county, in all 20 areas county (if pursue,be shown) .

Prevent or control flood of * reservoir flood season restricts water level 145m, withered season disappear falls low water 155m, total storage capacity 39.3 billion M3, among them storage capacity of prevent or control flood 22.15 billion M3, adjust storage capacity has 16.5 billion M3.

3 gorge of * after large dams store water, reservoir attempers the hydrology situation that will change library area reach:

- before building a warehouse, water level of summer of library area wadi is top, lowest of winter water level;

- after building a warehouse, be in commonly summertime lowest () of the except when reservoir store floodwater, flood end and water level of initial stage of low water season are top, if plan institute is shown.

- library area high water level compares natural flood drive up circumstance is roughly: Dam location drive up 100 more than M, 10 thousand counties make an appointment with 40m, fu hill makes an appointment with L0m, long life makes an appointment with 3m.

Reservoir water level adjusts inside year process

The change that velocity of flow of river of around of store water of 3 gorge large dams spends *

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