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Zhang Xiaojian: Technology of processing of lash-up of activated carbon of urban

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Summary: The lash-up of urban water supply that in summing up incident of Songhua River water pollution, uses handles a technology, according to the purify character of contaminant nitrobenzene, the double protective screen of pulverous activated carbon and grain activated carbon was installed in lash-up processing, cast in water intake place namely add the charcoal arenaceous filter that undertakes adoption grain activated carbon inside pulverous activated carbon and water works to transform, in fountainhead water nitrobenzene exceeds the condition with multiple mark to fall, works of the water after processing goes the chroma in water to be worth under the bounds of water quality standard for drinking water far, lash-up processing gained a success, as soon as possible renewed the municipal water supply of Harbin city, amount to the town that connect a river downstream to exceed bid in fountainhead water in its came true to produce water supply of the safety that amount to mark ceaselessly below the condition of more than 10 times. Summary handles the effect actually, cast in water intake place add pulverous charcoal, reach of safe protective screen, it is the crucial measure that lash-up processing gains positive result. Introduced to concern general situation of water pollution incident and urban lash-up water supply in article answer measure and effect, summed up the technical point that lash-up of pulverous activated carbon handles, to system of lash-up of countrywide city water supply construction has important direct import and referenced value.

Keyword: Lash-up of water supply of city of nitrobenzene activated carbon is handled

2005 the incident of Songhua River water pollution of happening of the end of the year, it is the great test that answers fountainhead to break out contaminative incident ability to industry of water supply of our country city. Oneself regard the construction that answers water pollution incident to go to Harbin city as chief of technology of ministry expert group, in attending this fountainhead to pollute incident urgent the fight that renews urban water supply. The concerned case that shows a water pollution episode and lash-up of use urban water supply handle a technology to be summed up as follows.

Incident of water pollution of 1 Songhua River and process of cut off the water supply of Harbin town tap water

On November 13, 2005 13: 36, in factory of double benzene of company of industry of oil Jilin chemistry produces explosion, leak of about 100 tons of chemical enters the Songhua River, among them main chemical is nitrobenzene, caused Songhua River catchment to weigh incident of big water pollution, to catchment coastal dweller gave birth to vivid, industry and agricultural production to bring serious effect, caused a society great attention.

Our country " standard of quality of surface water environment " (GB8383 - 2002) in the bounds of nitrobenzene is worth for 0.017mg/L, type life drinking water is upper in applying to collect fountainhead ground. The water quality of the tutelar body health that the main and referenced basis that this chroma is restricted to be worth comes from bureau of American environmental protection is fiducial, it is with watering healthy influence is those who constitute a basis. The relevant specification that at present our country concerns drinking water water quality (" sanitation of life drinking water is normative " (Ministry of Public Health, 2001) , GB " standard of sanitation of life drinking water " (GB5749 - 85) , " water standard of urban water supply " (build a department, CJ/T206-2005) ) all do not have nitrobenzene project. But, according to project of ground of fountainhead of the drinking water in standard of quality of environment of our country surface water constitute a basis, craft of groovy to life drinking water water treatment basically does not have the contaminant of purify action, answer to undertake from fountainhead water fountainhead is controlled, because the chroma of this fountainhead water level of this nitrobenzene is restricted,be worth be equal namely at water quality standard for drinking water.

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