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The moving management that exceeds filter system

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1, pretreatment system

Pretreatment system is to point to former fluid before taking unit of filter of unfavorable balance of trade the process of all sorts of harmful impurity reachs purify equipment. Pretreatment craft decides according to the requirement of former fluid circumstance and processing, did not secure mode, but undermentioned choice principle can offer reference.

(1) groundwater and contain material of suspension content, colloid to be less than 50mg/l what is appropriate to the occasion to use filter directly or garrulous is joined to coagulate in conduit the agent filters;

(2) ground water and contain material of suspension content, colloid to be more than 50mg/l to should use coagulation precipitation, filter craft;

(3) etc of bacterium, alga is contained in raw water microbial relatively a long time, must go ahead of the rest is antiseptic, press groovy program to handle again next, sterilization agent has natrium of chloric, second chloric acid, ozone to wait, and cross oxidation hydrogen, potassium permanganate to wait multi-purpose when cleaning package, use antiseptic, because pretreatment dosage is big, wasteful;

After antiseptic of classics of ⑷ raw water is handled, if more more than chloric or other strong oxidant is contained in water, can join the reducer such as sulphurous acid natrium to perhaps use purify of active carbon adsorption.

Afore-mentioned pretreatment craft that are groovy tradition, in film in compositive craft, hollow fiber exceeds the pretreatment that filter film often handles as other film. If be in craft of reverse osmosis desalination, itself exceeding filter belongs to pretreatment craft namely, electrodialysis desalination regards as in order to exceed filter pretreatment in the Yi Ke in electrodialysis desalination craft, fill the inadequacy of electrodialysis desalination craft in order to fill. In addition, main processing regards as in order to exceed filter craft in craft of mineral water preparation, the affiliation of chemical drug, can make mineral water water quality is polluted, because this is in technology of mineral water processing, unsuited chemically drug regards pretreatment as measure.

Under certain circumstance, undertake for fountainhead with urban tap water deepness is purified for example, or it is fountainhead with groundwater, when water quality is better, cross much groovy pretreatment, the likelihood brings pollution 2 times. The pretreatment that exceeds filter is OK very simplify, use only thick filter to damage film exceeding filter in order to prevent thing of big grain in suspension into system of filter of unfavorable balance of trade, can use purify exceeding filter directly a few bacteria content of microbial, colloid, in suspension. Use strengthen recoil to wash, rinse quickly and increase thick shrink to discharge an amount (circumfluence) wait for measure to prevent those who exceed filter film to jam.

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