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The swimming-pool uses ozonic good point

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◆ ozone and secondly second child (like hydroxyl) have the strongest antiseptic sex to reach destroy the action of live virus, can prevent contagious disease effectively spread, the experiment proves, the effect that ozone of same pH indicator exterminates bacterium and virus is chloric 600-3000 times. When ozone concentration is 1mg/l, of dung coliform organisms destroy work needs 5 seconds only, with same pH indicator chloric should achieve similar result to need 15000 seconds.

◆ ozone is antiseptic of the environmental protection with accepted international green, won't cause 2 any pollution to the environment, and the organic matter reaction in meeting and water makes chloric preparation a variety of chloric acting organic compounds, wait like 3 chloric firedamp, chloroform, these material all send choppy thing to cause cancer acceptedly. When the person swims, these toxic substance can be absorbed by human body place (can absorb 500 milliliter water hourly in water go-between body) . The chloric acting organic compound in water still can stimulate the person's eye and skin, bring aglow eye and rash thereby.

◆ gives out the toxic gas such as the chloric acting organic compound that come and chlorine from the evaporate in water, gather in swim pool upper part drops off not easily, damage respirator organ of the person, what affect people badly is healthy, and use ozone won't produce this kind of problem completely.

◆ adds the second chloric acid of chloric place generation and its ramification, corrode the equipment inside water treatment system and house and structure badly to wait like net wearing, central heating.

◆ ozone is the strongest oxidant, in can decomposing water effectively humic qualitative, the iron in oxidation water, manganese is ionic, decompose the little organism of light of the scattering in water, what raise water greatly thereby is clear degree, make water presents the blue that gives beauty, and chloric preparation does not have this effect. To make water shows blue, use chloric preparation swim pool, often need to join bluestone salt, very harmful to the person.

After ◆ joins chloric preparation, inevitable meeting causes the change that the PH of water is worth, make the person feels unwell, need to join alkalescent or acidity material to give consequently counteract. And ozone is neuter material, won't produce this kind of problem. Ozone can ensure big customer discharge reachs the stability of the water quality when high temperature is seasonal, when high temperature and guest flow are large, water quality often not beautiful, right now, if use chloric preparation, need a large number of casting to add, this will bring a series of secondary action, the change of the value that be like PH, stimulation that reachs human body to respiratory tract; And a large number of casting add ozone not to have this side-effect.

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