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Drop the research that the film in velar biology reactor pollutes

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Summary: A few sort that pollute according to the film in velar biology reactor, analysed film to pollute formation reason, introduced the mathematical model that film of a few kinds of descriptions pollutes. Wait to unit process of cargo bandling from velar itself property, makings fluid property summed up the method that a few kinds prevent or reduces velar pollution, put forward aeration biology filter and film to filter the craft that combination reduces film to pollute.

Keyword: Film pollutes biology reactor film filters

Abstract: Causes Of Formation Of Membrane Fouling Are Analyzed Based On Several Types Of Membrane Fouling In Membrane Bioreactors, and A Number Of Mathematical Models Describing Membrane Fouling Are Introduced. Methods To Prevent Or Reduce Membrane Fouling Are Summed Up In The Respects Of The Nature Of Membrane Itself, the Characteristics Of Feed Liquors.the Operating Processes, etc. , with A Process To Reduce Membrane Fouling Proposed Which Combines Aeration Biological Filter Tank With Membrane Filtration.

Keywords: Membrane Bioreactor; Membrane Fouling; Wastewater Treatment

Velar biology reactor (MBR) it is to use component of efficient and detached film to replace the biology unit in 2 deep pools and biology processing to combine the technology of water purification second birth that forms an organic whole. MBR uses film hold back action, can stay all mud and microbial cut almost, make biology unit has very high mud concentration, not only raised its to be led to the purify of organic matter, and make its lead apparent also heighten to the purify of ammoniac nitrogen. MBR still is had cover an area of an area little, water quality giving water is good, moving stability, the operation is simple, easily the advantage such as automata, mud retention period and hydraulic retention period are detached, the weakness that cannot overcome activated sludge and oneself [1] .

Should make MBR true promotion application still needs to overcome polarization of great difference of velar pollution, film, film to jam wait for a problem, increase velar flux, prolong velar life.

The type that 1 film pollutes

Because be handled,velar pollution is particle of the particle in stock, colloid or solute element and film send biology to manage chemistry, or because chroma polarization makes certain solute is in,velar surface chroma exceeds its solubility, and mechanical action and the adsorption inside the person film appearance that cause or velar opening, deposit causes velar aperture decrescent or jam, make film produces those who pass through discharge and detached character to cannot go against metabolic phenomenon. Velar pollution brought about velar flux to drop directly, film service life shortens greatly. Velar pollution cent is reversible pollute with not reversible film. Be like thick poor polarization, a kind of pollution that reduce and can be improved through physics, chemistry and biology method is reversible film pollution; And velar opening jams, unreasonable makings fluid property makes film is corroded the oneself deterioration that reachs film to wait call not reversible film to pollute. Can divide again from the property of contaminant for organic pollution, if the polymer outside afterbirth, dissolvability is organic matter, protein, adipose,reach subtle colloid to wait; Inorganic pollution, colloid of inorganic of the carbonate in be like liquid waste, sulfate, silicate, gel; Biology pollution, if shade type is hollow fiber film component, its can regard as flexible filling, processing is undeserved, microbial it is easy above its adsorption grows, form biomembrane, cause water flux to drop [2] .
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