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New edition builds water supply catchment to design a standard

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Design of catchment of building water supply is normative (GB50015-2002) newspaper approves draft

Chinese building designs academy Liu Zhenyin

" catchment of building water supply designs a standard " (GB50015 - 2002) newspaper approves draft (next abbreviation " new edition " ) through 3 years of much time write reach seek an opinion for many times, already signed up for a ministry to examine and approve now.

Overall for, "New edition " in " hot water and water supply " of the part write still according to " 97 edition " medium frame, cent becomes 7. It is each content only the development that supplies a technology according to giving birth to vivid hot water in recent years and each district expert are right " new edition " feedback opinion increased a few provisions, expunged article of specific out of date, long made up formula of a few computation and design parameter. Press below " 97 edition "

In the 4th chapter " hot water and water supply " the clause is ordinal specific introducing " new edition " basically repair make up content:

The first hot water uses water norm, water gentle water quality

1, cancel 4.1.1 when use hot water about production, reason is " new edition " cancel " 97 edition " in the concerned article of catchment of water supply of concerned production technology.

2, " new edition " watch 5.1.1 - 1 " hot water uses water quota " right " 97 edition " watch 4.1.2 - 1 made following modification:

(Of 1) and water supply part long made up content to should increase to groom relatively the architectural hot water such as center of center, sauna bathroom, beauty parlour, office building, fitness, auditoria uses water quota.

(2) building type differentiates a few finer, be like hotel guest room, cent is passenger and employee: Hall of meal of instead of communal dining room, business dining room, cent is business dining-room below, snack inn, worker reachs student dining room, bar, coffee hall, teahouse, card pulls OK house 3 categories.

(The architectural hot water such as the house with big to hot water water consumption 3) , hotel, hospital was made with water norm relatively major key is whole, if the watch shows 1 times,its adjust a circumstance:

From on the watch can see: "New edition " in reach a hospital besides meal " have washroom " and " have washroom, shower room " the hot water that waits for place uses water norm prep above or be equal to " 97 edition " beyond, hot water of architectural of use generous of other hot water all has with water norm relatively substantially reduce. The basis that its reduce and reason are as follows:

The A, findings that measures according to using hot water actually to a few buildings is comparative " 97 edition " 4.1.2 - 1 medium corresponding hot water uses water quota, latter and numeric apparent on the high side. If Beijing some centers the high-level residence that supplies hot water, via data of actual measurement statistic, dosage of average day hot water is D of 481/ person · ; Another concentration supplies Beijing the residence of hot water, according to statistic; Year average day water consumption is D of 1161/ person · , among them quantity of hot water of average of everyday use is D of 241/ person · . 5 stars of Beijing × × class hotel, the design presses D of · of passenger 1801/ person, press computation of 65 ℃ hot water, design quantity of hot water of highest daily expense to be 229.0m3/d, check 1995 4 - June the record sheet of day-to-day water consumption of 3 months (note: Inside these 3 months this hotel rents rate ≥ 90 % ) ; Statistic arranges quantity of day of average hot water to be 168.2m3/d. (Delivery temperature presses 55 ℃ plan) , outside the hot water that deducts the public share such as worker, kitchen and washhouse, of the guest by 65 ℃ water with hot water norm computation is D of 131.6 L/b · . Amount to is D of 145.6 L/b · for the hot water quantity of 60 ℃ .

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