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The project that about Zhengzhou city town sewage uses suggests

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Summary: A few respects such as estimation of investment of the necessity that the article uses from foul water of Zhengzhou city town respectively, construction condition, scale that use, executive plan, project and benefit analysis elaborated resource of urban foul water to change is improvement urban environment, alleviate one of state of insecurity of urban water natural resources.

Keyword: Second birth of sewage of water natural resources uses resource of urban foul water to change afforest

One, the necessity that sewage second birth uses

Zhengzhou city belongs to the northern city that lack water, water natural resources is quite meager, average per capita has an amount is the 1/16 that countrywide average per capita has an amount, as the rapid development of the constant growth of urban population and economy, contradiction of supply and demand of water natural resources becomes emptier and emptier piece; In considering to be in a report according to resource of Yellow River hydrology, forecast, to 2020, the Yellow River is downstream river course is possible comprehensive and dried up, for the Zhengzhou city of the 3/4 that takes amount of urban total water supply about to quantity of water supply of Yellow River water, groundwater is to bear the weight of almost the final reserve that we live, it is the exclusive resource that the city leaves offspring. At present works of Zhengzhou town water reachs groundwater of well of unit provide for oneself year exploitation quantity makes an appointment with 66.2 million tons; Occupy concerned branch speculation additionally, at present only the groundwater of urban city village extracts the quantity amounts to 10 million tons or so every year illegally, and as Zhengzhou city " flood crock " the lake flows on the west, its store 1/20 what water quantity is equivalent to illegal exploitation measuring only; As a result of the excessive exploitation of groundwater resource, cause in recent years the in successive years of subterranean water level of Zhengzhou urban district drops, 1998 is 35 meters, 1999 is 38 meters, the newest monitoring data first half of the year dropped again than 1999 this year 1 meter; Because shallow-layer groundwater gets pollution basic already cannot drinkable, and of deep-seated groundwater time fill very slow, if do not take effective measures, if things go on like this will cause groundwater resource the settlement of dried up, ground consequence that redeems hard.

Water is a kind of rich that cannot replace, but can second birth; Sewage resource changes the city to be able to alleviate already the supply and demand of water is contradictory, can reduce water pollution rate again and reduce the exploitation of groundwater effectively to measure. Resource of urban foul water is changed is to solve urban water natural resources to be in short supply an important way, representing current development trend, and use sewage plant to handle water to undertake afforest irrigates, improve urban wadi water quality or use at production to wait directly, it is urban foul water what resource changes is specific reflect, have very considerable society, environment and economic benefits, here we suggest the processing of urban sewage treatment plant sewage is brought to upper reaches of golden water river, complement on one hand source of the swimming on Jin Shuihe, the afforest sprinkling irrigation of area of along the line of wadi of other side in order to.

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