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The microcomputer pneumatic diaphragm valve of device exceeding filter controls

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Water continuously in 1000m3/d of guesthouse of class of some 5 stars the hollow fiber formula that uses in the project exceeds filter film, its external diameter makes an appointment with 1mm, aperture makes an appointment with 0.7  Mm inside, the raw water when filtering passes from the Kong Liu inside fiber, below pressure action, clean water passes through velar small opening, the assemble is become together exceed filtrate to be poured out of from filter side mouth, hollow fiber film does not need any structures that prop up, filter with what its comprise equipment structure is simple, equipment fare is low, according to the ratio computation of unit volume and velar area, the processing water amount that hollow fiber type exceeds filter film equipment should compare flat film 20 times taller.

The processing technological process that uses in this project is:

Guest room of → of pool of clear water of → of filter of essence of → of bate of activated carbon → of → of arenaceous filter of → of pool of raw water of tap water → . Among them arenaceous filter is OK the much in water purify of content of form of suspension, solid is dropped (SS giving water can amount to 2 Mg/L; Use precision of 5 μ M it is OK to twine filter core exert water SS amounts to 0.1mg/L, pollution shows the value that count FI can amount to 3 ~ 5) ; Activated carbon and colophony of sodium ion bate can reduce the content of the more than chloric, organic matter in water and diatomic calcium, magnesian plasma, raise the mouthfeel of water thereby. 

This department altogether uses device exceeding filter two, every equipment is used exceed colander 36, these 36 exceed colander to be divided two groups to be A, B again, every groups 18. Change is measured according to producing water in equipment movement, adjust set the time of each process, timely when making waiting pressing clean and work normally with film converse wash instead. Converse wash instead very effective, but washing the water quality that uses water instead must be water exceeding filter. For this, when the design washs flow instead, or yield with what A group exceeds colander bath B group exceeds colander, perhaps yield with what B group exceeds colander bath A group exceeds colander; The place in equipment exceeding filter is used exceed colander over all dimension to be 90mm × 1000mm, filter film exceeds of hollow fiber inside 2000 or so, velar area is 4m2 about, velar stuff slants to get together fluorine ethylene, performance of this material chemistry is steady, especially its are able to bear or endure contamination can be good wait for velar stuff at commonly used PS, PAN, it is new-style purify water filter medium uses material. 

Although have a lot of advantages,hollow fiber exceeds filter film, but there still are a lot of problems to want to solve in applying actually, otherwise its use the effect, especially velar service life will suffer very big effect, among them crucial question is film clean resume an issue, this problem is involved clean an opportunity, clean a few respects such as means, clear lotion. tap water farther clean melt into waters continuously, and the water inside requirement 24h measures stability, guarantee against is discontinuous supply, this pair of crucial equipment -- exceeded filter to raise very tall requirement. To solve this problem, used proper motion design to make on equipment exceeding filter " microcomputer pneumatic diaphragm valve exceeds filter equipment automatically " , this equipment is cleaning an opportunity, clean means and clean implemented automation with the respect such as water.

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