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Exceed the filter technology application in water treatment

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Wide application receives in filter technology exceeding to ever was produced in mineral water at the beginning of 90 time, exceed filter technology to be mixed in pure water of reverse osmosis preparation in recent years pretreatment and terminal processing are made also be approved gradually in exceeding interconnected system of pure water system. But filter exceeds how to develop action to still be put in the problem normally in water treatment process.

When film exceeding filter is being used, solid of because its are right the bacterium in water or solution, microbial, colloid, suspension and compound of solubility high polymer are had extremely tall hold back the effect, deposit forms pollution at velar surface, make of film mix through function hold back function aggravation. In addition bacterium, microbial adherent, its metabolization child forms mucus in velar surface. These elements will bring about function of film exceeding filter to reduce. Accordingly, the objective law that must filter according to exceeding filter moves, make exceed filter to be in optimal job status.

The actor of velar stuff picks material of film exceeding filter numerous, the hollow fiber that home can offer an alternative (capillary) model film exceeding filter, main material is get together sulphone (PS) , polyacrylonitrile (PAN) , get together ether sulphone (PES) , get together slant fluorine ethylene (PVDF) etc. In addition get together fragrant sulphone, polyamide as a result of preparation craft and reason of velar stuff price, still do not have production. Acetic acid cellulose is used lesser because of the limitation of acid-proof alkaline function. Have the film of filter of polypropylene small hole that delivers aperture with drawing in recent years hollow fiber, because its make cost cheap, and in the market hollow fiber exceeds earmark filter film is used, its are actually long form is meshy hole size relatively film exceeding filter is great 1 ~ 2 amounts class, of chief body aperture be out of shape make rate of bacterium, microbial leak can amount to 50 % above, hold back the effect to colloid and particle poorer.

Get together sulphone with its distinctive chemical stability, taller fight oxidisability, wider PH to be worth scope of application (PH1 ~ 13) , heat-resisting performance is good wait for an element and by first selection. But get together sulphone belongs to hydrophoby film, water penetration can low, adsorptive to certain material performance is strong, there is certain limitation in water treatment application. Polyacrylonitrile film is solvent resistance, hear resistance, right sunlight and atmospheric stability, becoming the thin coating exceeding filter with velar good, uniform to preparation aperture function especially is very advantageous, the longitudinal polarity processing at certain liquid waste, gentleman of the actor in filter film domain exceeds to produce in abroad, have larger proportion. Our country is in in recent years of pure water preparation large-scale the successful already application in using. Velar water penetration can, hold back function to already all reached higher level.

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