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UV disinfection water purification sterilization and efficient antibacterial

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By the city, "Water Forest" R & D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. water purifier with ultraviolet germicidal water purification products beyond the four common filter system, "Water Forest" water purifier, PP cotton, pre-activated carbon, ultrafiltration membrane post carbon filter out harmful sediment, suspended solids, colloids, rust, color, smell, residual chlorine, heavy metals, pesticide residues and so on. Not only that, "Water Forest" In addition to having water purifier water purification products beyond the ordinary level 4 outside the filtration system technology, or with the last stage water purification technology, UV disinfection, UV disinfection technology unique to avoid the water purifier secondary pollution, and water good for the body to retain the minerals. Has a unique patented technology world, safe and convenient. Ultraviolet sterilization on the market an existing water purification products faster sterilization, the sterilization rate, long life, affordable and so on. UV does not change its physical and chemical properties of water pollution will not be introduced into the appendages, and will not undermine the beneficial minerals and trace elements of advantages. The UV disinfection is used that is open, shut off the water while UV disinfection equipment to effectively prolong the service life, cost savings. UV sterilization technology and do not you go to maintain the traditional filters of different filtering technology components without having to regularly replace the filter. After 4 super-filtration, ultraviolet disinfection is also after the water has a high antimicrobial activity, whether you are cooking, soup, tea, etc., can often keep it fresh. This product can also take bottled water direct irrigation, water, and may automatically shut down, a significant reduction in the expenditure of buying bottled water. "Water Forest" 4-layer filter water filter and ultraviolet disinfection technology can be the final stage of the drinking water for your health checks.
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