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America water purifier for your life universal knowledge of the health of wate

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Life, you often find? Fizzy water turbidity; towels often yellow hard; clothing easy to change the old yellow Water Hudi thick scale; see yellow water smelly smell the water level. . . . . . The water you drink safe? ◆ water pollution: a serious industrial waste pollution caused by underground water sources, heavy metals exceeded, improper handling of algae will produce deadly toxins; ◆ create water pollution: There is still using the traditional process of water can not remove chemical contaminants (such as pesticides, heavy metals, organic compounds, etc.). Disinfected using bleaching powder in the boiling process, also produce chloroform, carcinogenic ◆ Water pollution: water pipes, roof water tanks serious corrosion, lack of cleaning, maintenance, resulting in viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms breeding. Water pollution harmful to human health Tap water may not completely filter containing organic compounds, heavy metals (such as lead, aluminum, mercury, etc.), bleaching powder, sand, rust, colloid, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances through eating, drinking, washing, etc. into the body, long-term consumption unclean water can reduce the body's immune system, affect the development, intestinal diseases, respiratory infections, stone disease. Boil drinking I safe? Boiling water to kill bacteria in water, but can not remove rust, sediment, colloids, heavy metals and other harmful substances, they will enter the body, together with water, endangering human health; According to scientists, research, rust, sediment is often caused by stone , cardiovascular disease culprit. The shortcomings of drinking bottled water According to the Guangdong Industrial and Commercial Bureau in October 2008 announced a province-wide sample of bottled water pass rate was 55.6%, nearly half failed. ◆ stored, open a long time cause deterioration (open 7 days a bacterial super-seriously overweight, taste variation) ◆ inconvenience, unbearable thirst of water when they order over the phone ◆ can only solve the water problem, cooking vegetables or water. The water only 5% of water, and the other 95% of the cooking water for the vegetables How to solve the health problems of drinking water? Due to large amount of water supply pipe network is too long, limited financial resources and other factors the government can not achieve home drinking water. The most effective solution is to install home or commercial water purification, water depth terminal purification families. Europe, America, Korea and other developed countries, a penetration rate of household drinking water more than 70%, Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong penetration has reached 50%. How to design a whole house newly renovated clean drinking water? Before laying the floor in the design of good drinking water dedicated pipeline, enabling a machine to solve the kitchen cooking cooking water, the living room drinking tea straight, beauty, and other wash water, Water purifier can be directly purified drinking water it? Consistent with the Ministry of Health, "health and safety of drinking water quality and functional assessment of the processor specification - General Water Processor" (2001), "drinking water processors and functional assessment of health and safety norms - reverse osmosis processor" (2001), "reverse osmosis water treatment plant (ANSI/NSF581996)" American National Standard / National Health Fund Board to international standards produced by water purifiers can drink straight. (Water can go to city center for disease detection) Advantages of using the water purifier Real-time water quality of health and hygiene control --------- Benefits to save money --------- 05. RMB / barrel -------- Do not need to provide labor-saving water, changing the water -------- Space-saving storage space without special Water purification economic analysis? Bottled water may be cost savings for the family, and does not limit water use, can be used for direct drinking tea, cooking soup, beauty Savings for the enterprise bottled water costs more than 85%. . . . . . Good to drink a healthy World Health Organization (WHO) statistics show that: 80% of developing countries, water-related diseases; the world has 50 million child deaths every year, 7,000 people have hepatitis and water pollution and degradation related. In 2007 the Ministry of Health, cancer has become the first disease of death in China, while 60% of cancer are related to drinking water pollution. How science of drinking water? Seven glasses of water a day, often associated with health Water needs in a timely manner, not so thirsty Stretch drink in the end, health benefits and more A glass of water to get up early, timely and appropriate Trace elements can not rely on drinking water supplemented
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