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Lack of water purification industry standard system should be standardized

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At present water purification industry has not yet introduced national standards and industry standards, has drafted several standards are still in approval stages. "The majority of the SMEs sector and even a small factory workshops, no brand, no service, no quality assurance of the 'three noes' products flooding the market." Bi worked at the Nanjing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Hong Zhang, Marketing summed up China's water purification industry. Water purification industry for China, it is an indisputable fact. Perhaps, therefore, October 17, 2010 at the "Third China Water Industry Forum (2010)" To make water purification machine manufacturers, raw materials and parts manufacturers and dealers throughout the country 400 nearly 600 enterprises together, reflect together on how to promote the healthy development of technological upgrading and industry. "The good news is that there are more and more enterprises begin to put into strengthening the formal product development, improve product quality, perfect service system, the adjustment of product structure, promotion of new materials, new techniques, new technology and new equipment work. Meanwhile, with the standard system of continuous improvement, water purifier in China and healthy development of the industry will usher in a new era. "Chinese People (private) business water purification industry Economic Research Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Water Industry Commission) passed a long time the Secretary-General Gu pleased to say. Attention to technology development In recent years, water purification industry developed rapidly in China, production increased year by year. According to reports, 2009, China water purifier production has more than 20 million units, sales volume of about 300 billion yuan. Moreover, the water purification industry committee to investigate the data show that, at present, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, home water purifier have a rate still below 15%, less than 5% of small and medium cities, the rural market is still in a blank state, the market prospect is very broad. Production and sales growing at the same time, water purification technology continues to upgrade products. Zhang Xudong to the "electrical" a detailed introduction, said: "the market to filter the water quality, composition changes in the products referred to as water purification, in fact, there are many segments of this category of categories, including pure water (drinking straight ), soft water, ultrafiltration unit, filters, micro filters and so on. These products are different core technologies, some alone, some should be used in combination. " Different schools according to technology development, water purifier can be divided into mixed-type, integrated and single type. European and American business schools use more mixed type, product mix ranging between integrated and single-type, easy-to-scale production. Provided that such use of the product is better quality of raw water (qualified urban water supply), otherwise it will shorten the life of filter materials, the filtration efficiency of the machine. Integrated originated in Britain, the rise in Japan and Korea a large-scale, the advantage is less demanding on the original water quality, are customized products. From a technical point of view, such products more suitable for China "regime", but for different "regime", customized treatment process, the matching filter, but higher production costs. Chinese companies produce more than one type of product, the advantage of simple structure, single powerful, easy-to-scale production and marketing. "It's three types of technology in the future will be a very long time co-exist, integrated development prospects may be better." Zhang Xudong said. Beijing Times Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Cai Zhiqi Wharton said the performance of the water purifier is mainly determined by the filter, filter water purification technology is the core technology. A few years ago, reverse osmosis (RO) of the core technology lies in the hands of foreign companies, making the Chinese companies is very passive. At present, water purification parts enterprises have started research and development and production of the core products, and quality. Development of the industry, this is undoubtedly a major step forward. Gu a long pass in the direction of technology development comes to water purification products, pointed out to the water purification products will be intelligent, humane, professional direction. Specifically, intelligence refers to the automatic water system, automatic cleaning, electronic leak water, change filters and shut-down performance reminded, humanity is heating cooling, water use, water way with two (water and artificial water connections) and other properties. Building standards system It is learned that China has a large water purification industry, business team. "China, more formal home water purifiers are more than 1,200 enterprises, such enterprises have been issued by the Ministry of Health Health Permit Document. At present, obtain health permits documents relating to the number of enterprises at an annual growth rate of 30%." Gu long pass, said. The responsible persons of a private water purifier on the "electrical", told reporters that the market is no intention to apply for more documents relating to water purification licensed health enterprises, about 2,000. Hangzhou Electric Co., Ltd. Marketing Division Manager, Matt Cheng Zhang Ping said water purification products on the market prices from 50 yuan to the thousand dollars, 50 the quality of products can be imagined, many small businesses the quality of the production of water purifiers simply not be guaranteed. It is understood that the present water purification industry has not yet introduced national standards and industry standards, has drafted the "household and similar general requirements of drinking water treatment plant," "drinking water treatment for household and similar purposes within the general core requirements", "home and similar reverse osmosis water purifier, "and" household and similar use ultrafiltration membrane water purification machine "is still in the approval stage. At present, the water purifier manufacturers are running their own corporate standards. "Lack of standards makes the water purification market was mixed, an endless stream of fake and shoddy products, serious damage to the interests of consumers, but also jeopardized the industry's image. All kinds of water purifier and water purifier parts, raw materials, national standards, industry standards and water purifier production, testing, maintenance has become imperative to develop norms. "Water Industry Commission Deputy Secretary-General Tang Jian Xing said. It is understood that the Chinese industry has been in the water purification system to speed up the construction industry standards. In the "Third China Water Industry Forum (2010)" on the Ministry of Health Centre for Health Supervision, "Ministry of Health, health and safety of drinking water products reported receiving health administrative licensing requirement" solicit the views of the water purifier manufacturers, according to Current water purification industry status and development trend of the industry to establish more practical barriers to entry, to further refine and improve the Water Products to declare acceptance of health administrative licensing requirements. Meanwhile, the number of water purification to develop national standards and norms has been put on the agenda. According to Tang Jian Xing, at present, water purification industry standard management committee has raised about 34 applications for the development of standards, including "household and similar use of central water purifier," "soft water for household and similar purposes machine", "home and similar uses micro-filtration water purifier, "" household and similar purposes nanofiltration water purification "and 13 national standards," household and similar use reverse osmosis water machine for RO membrane "," household and similar purposes The specific NF nanofiltration membrane water purification "," household and similar uses special micro-filtration water purifier MF membrane "," household and similar use of water purifiers Manufacturing Practice "," household and similar use of water purifiers services norms "," household and similar purposes water purifier maintenance norms "and 21 industry standards. According to reports, there are 11 criteria to be approved. Gu a long pass that the standards, Publicizing and implementation of water purification industry in China will upgrade and standardize the enterprise market behavior should not be overlooked role to play, for the production of enterprises, distributors, the majority of consumers effectively economic and social benefits.
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