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How to choose Mianshaozhuanji equipment

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Henan Hongsen Mining Machinery Mianshaozhuanji tell you how to select equipment. 1, buy cream line not just look at the price, the key is the quality of products and services. 2, depending on equipment provided by the manufacturer's strength, on the one hand, refers to the manufacturer's production capacity and scale, on the other hand, to see if there is a lot of successful examples for reference. (Do not just look at the photos online Others were too much) 3, paste the technical feasibility, I have come across quite a few number of companies, from installation to commissioning two or three months, did not make bricks, this is a make brick, tile index less than the national requirements. 4, many manufacturers are advocating their own equipment to do the hollow brick production molds can also be changed to brick, it is possible in theory, but in fact through the hollow brick molding equipment can produce hollow brick, brick walk, etc. of different specifications And so on, but can not produce qualified a solid brick, brick by brick production is mainly the development of And replacement can produce good quality contact with other tiles. 5, the current line to see, especially in the XX region some of the shell company, be careful not be fooled, ladies and gentlemen, these so-called manufacturers only know a few simple technical knowledge, in terms of equipment, according to my Know the situation, is purchased from abroad, then sell, they do not let you visit the shop, the technology for security reasons, your access is denied.
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