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China Water Patio lift water purifier universal storm

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At present, water purification Patio community activities into the free trial is carried out in full swing across the country, community, large stores, specialty shops, 7 million water purification launch a national scale, site registration, radio call and the network information transmission, Hewlett-Packard and giant three-dimensional model that allows many consumers in the side to experience the charm of healthy drinking water. "The next moment, is really a witness to a miracle moment," exclaimed the consumer site as water purification equipment through the Patio, golden beer, clear, sweet and instantly transformed into the flowing water. It is reported that since September 20 -10 January 20, in order to repay the attention of consumers on the Patio, Patio buy water purifier will enjoy the popularity of the storm water purifier Patio Pratt & Whitney Price. For more information consumers can contact the supermarkets around the Patio Patio stores or counters, the national toll-free hotline 4006722266. World Health Organization (WHO), a survey showed that: 80% of the disease from water pollution, and over 50% of cancer related to drinking unclean water. Water on the meaning of life is self-evident, an important component of human cells is water, water accounts for 70% of adult body weight, accounting for 80% of underweight children. "Water is the source of life" This is not just scientific conclusions, it is called life. As we all know, industrialization, and garbage has made the increasingly serious water pollution, water pipes and bottled water, secondary pollution, it is difficult to solve simply by heating, we really should be how to ensure healthy drinking water daily life it? With this question, Xiao Bian visited the creator of wonders - the national system of water purification and chair of the Working Group on Standardization Patio Group. Patio water experts to the product RO-185, for example, water purification Xiangjie. After the first municipal water filtration devices pp cotton, it can remove the water in the sediment, algae, red worms and other large volume of impurities; and then gradually through the activated carbon particles, compressed activated carbon two devices, removes chlorine, chloroform, etc. Most small molecule organic compounds and heavy metals; Finally, the role of booster pump, and after only 0.0001 micron diameter RO membrane, so that went to 99% of the impurities in addition to the water to ensure healthy water quality. Meanwhile, the computer device, LED display, automatic sewage irrigation, obviating the regular maintenance, washing the worries, but also to ensure water quality long-term health and prolong the service life of water purifiers. "You have the concept of drinking water determines the health of your years!" Expert so noted. So what kind of water only healthy? Non-harmful to human health of physical, chemical and biological contamination; with the right amount of benefit to human health, and showed the ionic state of the minerals (potassium, magnesium and calcium content of 100mg / L); small molecules of water , dissolution and penetration power; should be weakly alkaline (PH value of 8 ~ 9); water contains dissolved oxygen (6mg / L or so), containing the carbonate ion; can quickly and effectively remove the body of acidic metabolites and a variety of harmful substances; water hardness moderate, ranging from 50 ~ 200mg / L (for calcium carbonate). In short, weak alkaline water is more suitable for the body of water. In addition, RO reverse osmosis membrane technology, first used in aerospace technology research, and to show their talents in the seawater desalination project, due to higher costs gradually converted to civilian use, is now used in water purification field, the performance is still impressive. The water purification system can fully meet the health needs of residents in their daily drinking water, we have reason to believe that the health of the next miracle is the miracle of witnessing the moment, so that more people have to enjoy the quality of water of life. Patio, only drinking water for your health and work!
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