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Water healthy problem highlights water home appliance to become consumption grad

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Miss Chen that just prepares to decorate bridal chamber from the colleague there hear, want mount only system of clean water of family expenses of one a complete set of, soft water, can drink directly in the home on " mineral water " , and bathe, wash the dress to need to use bath fluid, washing powder no longer. But, outfit of equipment of a complete set of comes down to need near 10 thousand yuan, the price that is equivalent to home appliance of kitchen of a complete set of, miss Chen is indecisive, "Water home appliance " true content is worth somewhat?

As standard of our country industry rise, too of the problem such as water pollution of incident of lake blue green alga, Songhua River eruptive, consumer pays close attention to more and more by water brought healthy issue. Include clean water implement inside " water home appliance " walking into family, guesthouse, restaurant, by " luxury " a sort that makes necessary home appliance.

Data shows, 2004, machine of our country clean water (equipment) market size is 25 million, and 2005, growth goes to 33 million. Grow by this speed, the market size 2007 is 57.5 million about, hopeful broke through 80 million 2008.

"Water home appliance " make consumptive new trend

"Water home appliance " advocate if show the home is medium,wait with the equipment with direct and relevant water and electric equipment, include soft water implement, clean water implement, pure water machine, the simplest equipment may be a thick filter only, complex can be one a complete set of contains bate, filter the system of family expenses water treatment that waits for processing function.

Water quality problem is become " water home appliance " increasingly all-pervading roll booster. Roll out in the Chinese Academy of Sciences " 2007 science develop a report " in, division of delegate of countrywide National People's Congress, China assist 8 scientists such as academician of vice-chairman Qian Yi issue a warning together, china is in socioeconomy high speed to develop period, face problems of a series of major shortage of water natural resources not only, and be faced with serious water environment pollution, especially urban and rural water safety is faced with serious menace.

According to natural resources of water of the 2nd whole nation investigation evaluates a result, at present function of water of ground of drinking water source does not amount to mark rate 35.6% . Long triangle, bead the population such as trigonometry concentrated, economy developeds town, because fountainhead ground pollution brings about drinking water safety,be browbeaten.

The way of moisture of human body complement, besides water besides, edible also has very large proportion. Clean water implement can let cook at ordinary times, Bao Shang Dou can be used purify water, health of domestic person body can get more safeguard. In addition, the skin can assimilate the harmful substance in water through water, amass existence body thereby inside, especially in tap water beyond chloric, accumulate over a long period becomes the inducement of the disease likely. Accordingly, water is used in the family in, "Water home appliance " those who be aimed at is water and close twice with water.
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