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Power sea: Spare parts of a less known and inferior brand spells a high price to

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Recently, gentleman of king of lacteal hill citizen spent 3000 yuan of money to purchase aircraft of clean water of a health care on market, and the manual misprint of machine of clean water of this day price 100, "Service hot line " also be spacing. After the event, mr Wang just knows, plane of clean water of this so called health care is assembled by spare partses of all sorts of a less known and inferior brand actually.

Recently, mr Wang sees when go to market somebody is in market clean water machine, promote personnel to weigh the clean water machine on the market to sell hundreds of yuan only commonly, and machine of their this kind of clean water is new machine of the new fund health care that roll out clean water, have to ordinary tap water not only multilayer purify effect, still contain a variety of mineral microelement, can effective precaution, cure a variety of diseases, depreciate designedly for sales promotion every 3000 yuan. Mr Wang feels to should water since machine dare call a day valence, have outstanding place for certain, ordered at once. That day afternoon, promote personnel to send clean water plane in Mr Wang home.

When Mr Wang asks to install try out, promote personnel to say machine of this clean water belongs to the new product of company research and development, the technical personnel that must send by the company is in charge of installing, kept number of the customer service phone of this company and installation personnel mobile phone, phone of this customer service should be dialed to come to install with respect to meeting somebody only after telling Mr Wang morrow goes to work. The following day, when Mr Wang dials the phone that installs staff, the mobile phone that discovers the other side is in all the time close plane position, and customer service phone is empty number actually. When feeling fooled Mr Wang examines product manual again carefully, misprint of the content in discovering a manual however 100. Later, mr Wang looks for arrival to sell the friend appraisal of clean water machine, the accused knows machine of clean water of this day price, what be far from new fund health care clean water machine, however by what promote personnel to assemble and be become with proper motion of all sorts of spare parts of clean water aircraft, not only cannot clean water, health care, do not have even general hot water function.

Because Mr Wang buys clean water machine to did not ask for bill, the telephone number that promotes personnel to stay also cannot get through, mr Wang is only able eat a be unable to speak out about one's grievances.

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