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Mountain fastness cost price only 40 yuan water nearly 1000 times machine be che

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Inside the storehouse with dim light, busy move spells a few workers outfit, back is assembled nearly 1000 times end " mountain fastness " water machine waiting for a hair to go to complete province each district. Yesterday (8 years on October 8) in the morning, taurus of the Chengdu City is industrial and commercial substation answers a town to hunt down in the day be suspected of card of copy go under sb else's name watering the feature of the shelter that make a holiday of machine.

Water engine a replacement piled one storehouse

Water engine a replacement piled one storehouse

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Yesterday (8 years on October 8) in the morning 10 when make, when industrial and commercial personnel and reporter hurry to the mill that make a holiday, 300 Duopingmi's workshop are piling nearly 1000 production to water well at the same time machine, the worker still is assembling component. Water in what install on machine airframe, imprinting awesomely " beautiful " , " first division " wait for brand. Via checking discovery, this factory is done not have industrial and commercial register and any relevant formalities. Water the fittings of machine is from the whole nation each district is bought, one is modelled on opportunity cost is controlled 40 yuan only, and on market congener taste machine price to differ to 500 yuan from 150 yuan really.

"These things do not accord with wholesome condition completely. Use this kind to water machine drink water, the sanitation of the person that meeting offset is expended and safe health cause great menace. " the dirty fittings in be versed in business personnel is pointing to storehouse says. Go up originally from the sale Zhang that hunt down, execute the law personnel discovers this factory is sold since August give many is modelled on to water machine, sell the Chengdu periphery such as city of past continous this world, Lu mostly 2 class city. Afternoon 5 when make, execute the law personnel just will be suspected of watering shamly machine outfit car ends, full replete 12 cars.

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