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The water home appliance that Olympic Games village uses is Ning Bo so the enter

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In Beijing Olympic Games, incomplete during abstruse meeting, the athlete that world each country comes from in Olympic Games village waters uses water home appliance, so Ning Bo is produced!

Be in early this year the beginning of the year, ooze garden group of Ci Xi put forward to support the demand of product of home appliance of water of Olympic Games village to BOCOG. At that time, the enterprise of water home appliance that raises similar requirement has hundreds. Final, after BOCOG passes the assessment that waits for many sided to product brand, technology, quality, management, group of garden of ooze of affirmatory Ning Bo is village of Olympic Games of current Olympic Games the exclusive sponsor of product of all water home appliance.

Since this year May, group of garden of peaceful wave ooze sends a person to install water home appliance and water treatment product to village of Beijing Olympic Games in succession, the product installed more than 3000 finally. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and incomplete during abstruse meeting, of ooze garden water the drinking water that equipment provides healthy security for the athlete of tens of thousands of, of the athlete that got come from world each country reputably. According to BOCOG requirement, mix before the Olympic Games during holding, ooze garden group did not sponsor his all the time outward bound undertakes Olympic Games be related publicize and disclose. Till yesterday, reporter just from this company this matter confirmed in mouth of one high level.

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