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Into introductory cage inferior banyan waters machine sampling observation only

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Yesterday (8 years on September 9) , province Consumer's Committee releases the 3rd consumes caution this year: Water at present machine market enters a doorsill inferior, water the good and bad are intermingled of machine product quality, remind consumer Shen Xuanshen is bought. As we have learned, saved industrial and commercial bureau to begin the special inspection that drinks water machine market in complete province recently, selectived examination in Fuzhou area 10 when 8 distribute unit sells water machine sample, special detect the result makes clear, 3 sample are only eligible, other 7 sample are unqualified, percent of pass is only 30% . Province Consumer's Committee reminds already was bought and use these 7 kinds unqualified water the consumer of machine, can mix according to shopping proof water machine to distributors requirement pay compensation for what one has unlawfully taken.

As we have learned, of off quality of this sampling observation water machine be: Limited company of electric equipment of happy fill an office of Fosan town home produces (GD of domestic Le Shi, 929A938H) 850W purifies water machine; Limited company of electric home appliances These 7 kinds unqualified water machine all is put in issue of mark of favorable balance of trade of heavy metal dissolve, because these watering of machine inside bravery store what place of water can without lid uses data is unqualified, heavy metal of the lead that favorable balance of trade of dissolve of the meeting when heating repeatedly measures, chromic, nickel arrives in water, long-term and drinkable the water that these dissolve have heavy metal, can affect human body health. Concern personage introduction according to visitting wholesome office, after these heavy metal enter human body, cannot be dropped by metabolism, can accumulate ceaselessly inside human body, cause neurological loss.
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